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Australian university bans dildos on campus

No, really:

You’re young, as hot as you’re probably ever going to get, and there’s a party on every night with people as young and as bright and as hot as you. And you want to stay in your room and masturbate with a dildo? Really?

This week Melbourne University’s Ormond College banned dildos and other sex toys on campus, stating the genre does not allow people at a “formative stage of life” to develop a “healthy sexuality”.

Some students have argued not all sex toys are demeaning (it’s even educational!), and to deny female students the ability to pleasure themselves in their rooms is to clamp down on freedom of expression.

But I reckon there are other freedoms that are more worth fighting for.

The college’s master – theologian and ethicist Dr Rufus Black – argued in a newsletter to the college’s 400 students that sex toys were exploitative, objectify men and “presents men primarily as sex objects who are a means to the end of female pleasure”.

To stop or discourage the behaviour that you don’t want, you need to start with an ideal. For Black, that ideal is that students shouldn’t sit in their rooms playing with toys that objectify men.

To have men enter the world having learned to accept a degraded position in it, alongside women who accept men being degraded – whether that is through the objectification via dildos they see on campus, or the words used to described men in college parlance – is dangerous. We should not allow this acceptance to be internalised in the ruling class.

Well, makes as much sense as the fuckwittery they are doing.

18 thoughts on “Australian university bans dildos on campus”

  1. And I see this cretin raises Mattress Girl as an example of ‘the harm done to women’, so we can safely disregard anything else she has to say on this subject.

    Or, I suspect, any other.

  2. Why not just make sure that all male students are equipped with Misty Stone forbidden pleasure flesh lights and bottles of lube? It would redress the balance.

  3. Well, yes, schoolchildren probably shouldn’t be allowed sex toys. What’s that you say? These are adults? Well why don’t they tell Rufus Black, himself obviously a dildo of quite epic proportions, to fuck off and die?

  4. “Stop looking at me like a piece of meat that you’d like to bounce on for a few hours and treat me like a human being with feelings” said no man but Rufus Black.

    Also, does this include all the non-phallic sex toys that have appeared in recent years that were designed around clitoral stimulation?

  5. Banning porn will make it more likely that young men jump on women without their consent, but that’s good for Feminism. More victims, more leverage.

  6. One assumes the corollary of this internet porn ban will be a ban on pornographic literature? Are there going to be dawn raids of female student’s rooms looking for copies of 50 Shades? If not why not? Surely its just as ‘demeaning’ to men to have all those young ladies getting ideas that only billionaire S&M adherents are sexually attractive?

  7. It’s always fine specimens of masculinity who take it on themselves to white knight for m’lady – e.g. Rufus Black.

    From Crocodile Dundee to Rufus Black in one generation. Strewth! Maybe stingrays killed off all the men in Australia.

    Back to the Gurniad:

    One student wondered if the set of circumstances in her college would fall under the definition of domestic violence

    It doesn’t.

    students urinated on her door after parties, banged on her door in the middle of the night

    If you don’t want to deal with drunken students, don’t live on campus.

    and cat-called her as she crossed the quadrangle.


    There were thresholds of the dining room at certain times of the day that she didn’t like to cross because a group of guys would hiss at her.

    Their leader is a guy called Mr. Mistoffelees.

    There were lots of times and lots of places in the college – her home

    No. It’s not your home.

    – where she did not feel safe.

    We used to have places where we could put psychologically fragile young women who were too emotionally delicate to face real-world interactions with other humans.

    They were called nunneries.

    Others talked about O-week humiliations: the “sex-exercises” where fresher girls had to do push-ups over a guy, or shave their head, or drink until they were sick.

    And do you know what happens to people who don’t go to Freshers Week, or who go but decide not to participate in the shenanigans?

    Absolutely nothing.

  8. Steve: “We used to have places where we could put psychologically fragile young women who were too emotionally delicate to face real-world interactions with other humans.

    They were called nunneries.”

    He shoots, he scores…

  9. > We should not allow this acceptance to be internalised in the ruling class.

    So no sense of entitlement there then. That is the truly worrying part of this whole business. These people expect to go on to have power over all of us.

    Or perhaps this Black chap is trying to get some action for himself by generating a pool of unfulfilled females, so desparate for it they might consider him.

  10. Black clearly is one of the “boss the grass in the meadow” breed. The ban is utterly unenforceable.

    I have to say tho that the generally anti-female tone of the pronouncement is almost refreshing in this day and age.

    Will Rufe survive the femmi-backlash ? Stay tuned.

  11. It is rather odd that considering how much more effort men have to put into getting sex than women do, that male wankers are regarded as sad, pathetic, ..well…wankers but women wankers are regarded as strong, empowered, independent exemplars of womens liberation.

  12. Yes, this is cyclical puritanism rearing its ugly head again. But I wonder if our current generation of control freaks are the first to have successfully posed as ‘progressive’ and liberal.

    Mary Whitehouse was a dreadful woman, but there was an intellectual honesty about her approach that her spiritual descendants conspicuously lack.

  13. The Gruadian’s headline is misleading. Ormond College isn’t a University. It’s just a residential college at Melbourne Uni.

  14. “And you want to stay in your room and masturbate with a dildo? Really?”

    The article did not pan out as I thought. Based on the above, and my relentlessly social Oz friends and acquaintances, I assumed the ban was to avoid Un-Australian Activities, that is doing something on your own.


  15. JuliaM – thank you, but “he shoots” is potentially triggering and “he scores” is problematic and a bit rapey.

    I’d have accepted xe offered a consensual and respectful nod, xe jazz hands.

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