Author doesn’t understand authoring trade

Which brings us to the strange case of celebrity writers – famous people who suddenly decide to write a book. It is a peculiar impulse, not least because it doesn’t work the other way round. You rarely hear that Hilary Mantel, A S Byatt or Alan Hollinghurst have decided to enhance their professional skill set by taking up modelling or acting, becoming a television gardener, cook or chat show host. Yet the autumn brings a rich harvest of fiction by celebs who clearly reckon that writing is a doddle.

Err, no.

A book with a famous name on it sells.

Russell Brand got a book contract because he’s got squiddely million Twitter followers, not because he’s got anything to say. Floella had a best seller without actually writing one. And Naomi Campbell has had best sellers without actually reading them (as has the orange one with the strange taste in men).

9 thoughts on “Author doesn’t understand authoring trade”

  1. I think it’s zoella. A fashion you tuber. Look up college humour and fashion blogger for a funny and succint parody

  2. You beat me to it Gareth. I was going to say ” Which orange one with a strange taste in men?” It’s a rich choice.

  3. The article itself talks about Morrissey having written a book. I am trying to imagine the circumstances under which my paucity of reading material would be sufficiently dire as to compel me to read anything that ridiculous po-faced twat had to say. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

  4. @Mr Ecks.

    Floella Benjamin most certainly has written several books. They weren’t best sellers, as far as I know. But that’s probably because she actually did write them herself.

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