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Bugger me….

Me. Decided to put down $900, never seen or watched rugby before. I do love (Country X) and (Art form associated with Country X), and also enjoy underdogs, so I threw that much in hoping for an upset.

Guess what he bet upon?

$284,721 payout……

And we can apply whatever amount of suspicion to the story we want.

6 thoughts on “Bugger me….”

  1. Oh, and also, that number has alternate left-hand and right-hand digits – a classic indicator that someone just mashed their fingers on the keys for a ‘random’ number.

  2. A bit like those people on investment chat rooms who always seem to have bought at the bottom and sold at the top….something they only tell you about 4 weeks after the bottom and top have been established.

    I call it ‘hindsight trading’.

  3. Not even the Japanese team would have put $900 on that result.

    The South African team, mind you…

    (I’m not seriously suggesting they threw it, though Hansie Cronje, and the Japanese team were outstanding, but it’s more likely than this kid backing them.)

  4. I still remember the single instance in betting on Taiwanese election. The betting line was drawn in such way that there is a sweet spot (for the parlor) where there are no pay off either party win. This particular election, the return hit the sweet spot and the parlor gets to keep every bet.

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