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Czechs are very practical people

A Czech bar has come up with an innovative way to help party-goers who have had a little too much to drink – but be warned, it isn’t pretty.
The club has fitted a ‘puking toilet’ at chest-height so drinkers who have had one too many do not have to endure kneeling on a sticky restroom floor.
Complete with handrails for tired and emotional revelers, the white basin sits between two urinals – suggesting the establishment is used to men overdoing it.

7 thoughts on “Czechs are very practical people”

  1. These were known in the 1970’s when I was backpacking. German beerhalls were the location.
    Practical but rather awful too.

  2. There was a thread recently on PPrune about RAF Guttersloh, an ex-Luftwaffe WWII airbase. The “pukers” were still in place at chest level in the Gents. Complete with handles, and photos to prove it.

  3. ‘Johnnie’ Johnson in his WW2 fighter pilot memoir mentions these in captured Luftwaffe airbases towards the end of the war. The pilots were rather amazed – definitely not expected behaviour in the RAF!

  4. Just in passing, the Czechs are offering beer-based beauty treatments:

    I am a bit worried about how cheap that is though. Much of the price of a beer must be distribution and packaging, but still, do you think they recycle the beer? It is not as if any customer would notice.

    As appalled as I am by this waste, it is the Puritan in me I am afraid, there is something about this treatment that I find attractive. I just can’t put my finger on it though. Must be a reason.

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