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El Reg’s headline generator strikes again

Happy birthday to you, the ruling was true, no charge for this headline, ‘coz the copyright’s screwed

I don’t actually know who it is that does these headlines but they’re very good at times, no?

6 thoughts on “El Reg’s headline generator strikes again”

  1. While people singing the song in their homes had nothing to worry about, performances of the song in productions and broadcasts or by restaurant staff were subject to copyright claims (hence the propensity for “original” birthday songs at many chain eateries).

    Americans are batshit insane. They need to start executing lawyers.

  2. Always found Alexander J Martin has the best ones

    “Fondleslab, wristjob action just not doing it for Apple right now

    Company in entirely expected Q3 sales news shocker!”

  3. You’re not too shabby yourself Tim: your original headline was “El Reg’s Headline Generator Strokes Again”

  4. Caution with the use of “indeed” as a one-word reply!

    I see this being used quite regularly in another place which candidly etc.

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