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First world problem

One-in-three of those born this year will go on to develop dementia later in their lives, according to a stark forecast for the growing scale of the condition.

Because they’re not going to die of plague, smallpox, cholera, typhoid…..

But even given that it’s a bit of a strange prediction isn’t it? Anyone seriously want to predict the state of medical science in 90 years’ time?

90 years ago we didn’t even have properly effective antibiotics……

10 thoughts on “First world problem”

  1. Will this be before or after; vCJD, SARS, Bird flu, Spanish flu(reprise) Thermonuclear war, excess salt, excess sugar, excess ultraviolet light, EM from WiFi, cell phones etc. Islam. gets us first.

  2. Scaremongering from 3rd sector bullshiters. Also the weasel phrase is “some form of dementia”. Lots of people get and die from vascular dementia which is small strokes and blood vessel failure in the brain. Likely to be much easier to see off than alzheimers.

    Mach–the only real dangers on your list above are war and islam. And you left off the biggest and most dangerous: statism in general and socialism in particular. Presently allied with islam.

  3. “90 years ago we didn’t even have properly effective antibiotics……”

    and 9 years from now we may not have properly effective antibiotics

  4. Tim

    I heard this this morning – where does this shit come from and why is anyone giving it any more credence than the rantings of a David Icke or Richard Murphy?

  5. VP

    Bracketing Murphy with Icke is taking things too far.

    Icke retains some degree of plausibility, something that Murphy long ago dropped.

  6. There are already signs that life expectancies for 75 year-olds aren’t continuing to increase: this is referred to as the missing 90 year-olds. Me, I blame it on either (i) statins, or (ii) appallingly bad dietary propaganda from governments.

  7. @ dearieme
    Part of that is simply that mortality rates were understated in the noughties due the denominator being based on the faulty 2001 census adjusted for subsequent recorded deaths. Part is down to the exceptional 1930s cohort which presents a startlingly large mortality improvement over its predessors (and, of course, poorer pre-natal and early years nutrition of those born in the early 1940s).

  8. And once we’ve fixed cancer, etc, we’ll all live to 150.
    At which point a new killer threatens, probably the low level radiation given off in the metabolism of oxygen.
    The National Health will be advising us to economise on breathing.

  9. Longevity is a social burdon. The MSM says it all the time.
    In due course there will be discrete gas chambers for the new untermensch. Under the guise of ‘fair life allocation’ – followed by property seizure.

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