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Glorious socialist freedom!

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has been sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison,

8 thoughts on “Glorious socialist freedom!”

  1. EMG: I wouldn’t be surprised if he mysteriously disappears when the Chavistas engineer a civil war, something which is on the cards sooner rather than later. A country with the world’s biggest oil reserves and massive hydro capacity and it can’t keep the lights on. We’re in Herb Stein territory here.

  2. No, No , No!

    Don’t you realise, Tim?

    When a socialist government takes over any country, socialists around the world rejoice and announce the coming of world revolution.

    But when it all goes tits up in the country, socialists around the world say that the government were never really socialists anyway.

    So socialism has NEVER failed.

  3. There are actually four stages:

    1) A new socialist government has been elected, which will bring peace and plenty for all.
    2) The problems with the new socialist paradise have been exaggerated by the capitalists/neo-liberals/kulaks, hoarders and wreckers.
    3) The problems with the new socialist state have been created by the capitalists/neo-liberals/kulaks, hoarders and wreckers.
    4) The fascist, neo-liberal state was never socialist really.

  4. AndrewC/Charlie Suet

    I can recall the Great Peter Simple in a column from the 1950s describing socialism as ‘a barren wasteland’ and it hasn’t really changed 6 decades on –

    Can’t find the exact phraseology but it went something along these lines:

    ‘the withering of culture, the relentless search for scapegoats, the lies, the propaganda, all are a fundamental part of any socialist system – this is not a case of a fundamentally healthy Socialist baby struggling in dirty bathwater – the Dirty bathwater IS socialism, and the baby was drowned in it at birth’

    True back in 1957 when they were written and even truer with 6 more decades experience to draw on….

  5. The first few years of a socialist government will always be good as they spend a bunch of money they don’t have. Then Owen and his ilk are all “look, look isn’t it awesome” then when it goes tits up blame America.

    Like a moron living the good life on several credit cards before blaming the banks when they want the money back.

  6. @ Dogguan Juan
    Have you looked at Insolvency Service Statistics under Brown? The number of self-employed who went bankrupt because the business failed increased, but fairly modestly. The number who were not self-employed who declared themselves (or, occasionally, were declared) insolvent increasedby a multiple of 6.8x between 1998 and 2006 *before* the credit crunch.

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