I find it really difficult to understand why

I feel this way but I do. I’d like to see Fiji beat Wales on Thursday…..

Just can’t work it out…..

7 thoughts on “I find it really difficult to understand why”

  1. We have to find 15 Un injured players first, then we can think about playing Fiji
    Still you only need to worry about beating Australia at the moment. the way Wales were banged up I’m still amazed they didn’t go for the kick to draw and take their chances on points at least, especially with having the bonus point against Fiji

  2. Not taking the (possible) three points could be the dumbest mistake ever made in rugby history. The Aussies didn’t get the bonus point against Fiji and it is perfectly possible that Wales won’t.

    Even without the current situation, I’d be backing Fiji. Ordinarily I even back the Aussies against Wales on the basis that an Aussie win is expected so I’d rather Wales didn’t have crowing rights. I don’t have the same attitude wrt Scotland.

  3. Well, I am one who hopes that Australia beat England & Wales, and Wales beat Fiji. What a disappointment, no England in the QF’s, I’d be crushed !

  4. pessimistic that Eng would be RU in group of death but optimistic we wld survive South Africa I got sf 2 tickets almost a year ago. Looks equally likely we win, runners up or are out.

  5. Kicking to touch wasn’t the error – the penalty attempt was from near the touch line and was very difficult, especially for a right footed kicker.

    The blunder was throwing short. Much easier to shove the maul into touch and there’s virtually no blind side so fewer options for Wales to defend against.

    Still, there you go. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. The penalty was a joke though. If that standard was applied for 80 minutes in all games the ref would break his whistle before half time.

  6. thought England were lucky not to have a yellow card given the way refs were handing them out in the opening weekend.
    Was interesting seeing the players ask the ref to go to the TMO when they didn’t agree with a decision, overall I think the extra ref is a good system, but still needs some tweaking to ensure it doesn’t infringe with the flow of play.

  7. BniC – needs some tweaking? That is a pretty major understatement! I love my rugby: playing it, watching it, and talking about it; but I’ve given up watching the pool games.
    The quality of the refereeing is diabolical – the TMO is overused and the refs have very much taken a “northern hemisphere” approach to the breakdown. As a result play is stop, start, and stop for ages whilst every man and his dog is consulted. It is plain boring and I’m not sitting through 2 hours to watch 30 minutes of rugby. Luckily the ITM cup is on so I’m able to watch that instead!

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