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Jezzbollah’s scraping the barrel

Given that Jeremy Corbyn is a Hamas sympathiser with an IRA sympathiser as his Shadow Chancellor, I imagine he didn’t think too much about promoting a little-known Scot named Mike Watson. He is a Labour peer, who now takes a place in Corbyn’s frontbench as education spokesman. He is also a convicted arsonist, who quit the Scottish Parliament in disgrace after being caught drunkenly setting fire to a set of curtains during the Scottish Politician of the Year ceremony 2004. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison, which he served in HMP Edinburgh.

Watson’s undeserved rehabilitation says much about how Corbyn is having to scrape the very bottom of the barrel for people willing to serve under him.

So what does this tell us about where he’s getting his economic ideas from?

20 thoughts on “Jezzbollah’s scraping the barrel”

  1. I had no idea Watson was still around. His peerage, funnily enough, was given to him so he wouldn’t spill the beans on Mohammad Sarwar, of carrier bags full of cash fame.

    At this point it’s worth asking if there’s anybody left in the Labour party who isn’t a crook or a nutter.

  2. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    Well Thatcher had a paedophile as Home Secretary and both Blair and Cameron had paedos as personal aides, so Jezbollah has a way to yet to match that level of depravity.

  3. @”Well Thatcher had a paedophile as Home Secretary and both Blair and Cameron had paedos as personal aides, ”
    None of whom were convicted at the time they that they did this roles.
    (In the case of Thatcher’s home secretary he never was).
    I think this is wonderful as it shows that Labour supporters will support even a convicted criminal.

  4. Harry Haddock's ghost

    He has also promoted a convicted footie hoolie, but I rather admire that, as it’s a conviction that comes from the real world. However, as its the only thing I don’t find offensive about the whole Corbin revolution, it kind of paints a perfect picture.

  5. I do hope Nicky Morgan will now spend lots of time talking about how she wants to light a fire under underachieving kids, blaze a new trail, spark things into action, take a lighter approach, etc etc.

    Of course, being a Corbyn supporter he probably also believes that Crown ownership of all Cygnus olor is wrong, and that the Queen should give up her rights: he’s a swan divester.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Witchsmeller Pursuivant – “Well Thatcher had a paedophile as Home Secretary and both Blair and Cameron had paedos as personal aides, so Jezbollah has a way to yet to match that level of depravity.”

    No she didn’t. You are just reproducing the rantings of the mentally ill. And if you think otherwise I am happy to spread the rumour that you sexually molest kittens. Does that make it true?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    The Labour Party is insane:

    Conman Sean O’Regan allegedly approached the politician in Parliament in 1987 – at the height of the Northern Ireland Troubles – claiming he had planted bombs in London and needed to flee.

    The Islington North MP is said to have given the trickster cash, believing he was helping his escape. However, at the time, Mr Corbyn reportedly said it was a member of his staff who had handed over the money.

    Yeah, that makes it so much better.

    Andrew M – “Shame he’s not shadow home secretary. It would have been good to have someone with experience inside.”

    Lots of world leaders have done time. Lenin. Stalin. Hitler. Mugabe. Doesn’t have to be that bad. Kenyatta. Nehru. Still pretty bad though.

  8. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    Corbyn’s party has been led by around 4 people who were in the direct employ of the Soviet Union – seems to not trouble you or any other Corbyn admirer – you have the smoking gun on the Home Secretary from the Thatcher era?

  9. Glen,

    No. Convicted arsonists are banned for life from teaching. But not from being Minister for Education, apparently.

    I bet, when they were drawing up that law, they had the conversation.

    “Shouldn’t we extend the ban to Minister for Education as well?”
    “No need to specify that, surely. No-one’s ever going to appoint an arsonist, are they?”
    “Good point.”

  10. WP,

    Had no idea what the fuck you were talking about there. Have now caught up on the news. Wish I hadn’t.

    Anyway, since you ask…. Firstly, I am long on record as detesting Cameron. I don’t detest Corbyn because of some puerile my-gang-versus-your-gang party-political thing; I detest him because he’s detestable. Those who support him should similarly, I would hope, think he’s better than Cameron, not that he’s no worse.

    Secondly, much as I have no desire to stick my penis in a pig’s corpse’s head or to see the purported photographic evidence of Cameron doing same, it’s not illegal. People do all sorts of weird shit. I find a lot of it disgusting. If it doesn’t harm others, it’s none of my business.

    Arson does harm others.

    Thirdly, I think the Conservative Party at large is a lot more prudish and less libertarian than me, and I don’t think they would elect as leader a man who had been proven to have stuck his penis in a pig’s corpse’s head. And indeed they didn’t. Even if Cameron is proven to have done so next week, they still won’t have.

    Is this really that difficult to follow? You know, the passage of time?

  11. @Witchsmeller

    Why would we wish to comment on you lot floundering around getting deliciously trolled by Lord Ashcroft as part of his personal beef with CallmeDave?

  12. Blueballs humiliation is every bit as wonderful as Jezza’s . They are both scum. BB is quieter traitor than Corbyn but he hates this country as much or he wouldn’t be selling us out to the EU or promoting migration like to make us a despised minority in our own country. Or allowing a moron like Osborne to be crowing about unemployment promoting shite like boosting the minimum wage as if socialist stupidity was something to be proud of.

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