Just to remind everybody

When the Green Party was having its leadership election I recommended a vote for Natalie Bennett:

The Green party leader, Natalie Bennett, has said that she thinks Jeremy Corbyn has a realistic chance of becoming the next prime minister.

I did so on the grounds that she is efficient, not that she is sensible.

2 thoughts on “Just to remind everybody”

  1. She must be delighted that Corbyn is doing so much to make them look like the sensible option. 9-11 was a Blairite plot was it? The Left tolerated the fruit cakes for too long. They needed a William Buckley to drive their version of the John Birch society out. They didn’t get it and now the Birchers are in charge.

    Schadenfruede is not just a river in Africa any more.

  2. As ever, the Greens’ numbers don’t add up. She fails to realise that the more the Greens’ vote grows the fewer people will vote Labour, and thus the less likely it becomes that Corbyn will become PM (not that there is much likelihood of that after boundary changes)

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