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Least of his problems really

Already languishing badly in the race to become the Republican’s presidential candidate next year, Rick Perry was guilty of another verbal gaffe telling a television audience that a broken clock was right once a day.

13 thoughts on “Least of his problems really”

  1. Remember to whoop about all these stupid things, and not look at what Monica’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife says or has been getting up to.

  2. “Perhaps he meant a digital clock showing the time in 24h…I’m trying to be charitable here.”

    Which is what the MSM would have explained had a Dem said it.

  3. Last time he stood for President, he failed to count to three. This time, he’s failed to count to two. I look forward to the 2020 campaign.

  4. Speaking of the media’s attitude to Dems v. Reps, this gaffe is nowhere near the level of Biden’s “Barack Obama is the first mainstream African American to be… clean.”

  5. Hillary thinks you wipe a server clean with a cloth, hasn’t driven a car since the 90s, couldn’t operate 2 phones, etc etc etc.

    Not to mention the…erm… massive criminal activity related with the private server…

  6. Perry has something to add to the debate since Texas has worked out some American taxation issues by focusing on local property taxation. He is less laughable than all the other Republican candidates and most Democrats.

  7. Your endorsement should just about prove to be the kiss of death for Perry DBC.

    Why don’t you endorse Killary next?

  8. I would rather endorse Senator Warren, the thoughtful feminist and author with her daughter of “The Two-Income Trap” the most interesting and relevant book on family economics written in fifty years.
    Glad to hear my endorsement is so important. You are usually so critical (snort).

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