Make room! Make room!

The Telegraph understands a dozen members of the current shadow cabinet will reject any offer Mr Corbyn makes unless he ditches policies that were central in his campaign.
They are Tristram Hunt, Chris Leslie, Emma Reynolds, Vernon Coaker, Michael Dugher, Shabana Mahmood, Mary Creagh, Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna, Lucy Powell, Liz Kendall and a twelfth who asked not to be named.

Need to clear twelve out to make room for Ritchie’s ego, eh?

9 thoughts on “Make room! Make room!”

  1. According to his twitter feed, he’s been invited by Corbyn to the Labour leader result announcement.

    The Friend’s Provident Fund grant must be on really thin ice now. Has he gambled it for bully’s special prize?

  2. “a twelfth who asked not to be named”: ooh, there’s brave.

    Anyway, will the followers of those people be referred to as “twelvers”?

  3. With her 2500 majority, I wouldn’t be surprised if Creagh is part of a rebellion. Corbyn could easily destroy that, which means she’ll be unemployed in a couple of years.

  4. Amazing how they all suddenly now find principles to stand up for.
    Especially liked how the other candidates all wanted to vote against austerity but as cabinet members had to go along with abstaining.
    Should be fun times ahead

  5. That’s okay because surprising as it may seem, none of the aforementioned were going to be offered such a postion…

    Ooh, the righties have had it up ’em today… And boy do they not fucking like it!!… 😀

  6. dearieme – “Anyway, will the followers of those people be referred to as “twelvers”?”

    Perhaps. But for the full 70s feel, they need to put on some flares, grow some side burns – and leave to start the Social Democratic Party.

    The Labour Party has decided they do not want to be another Lib-Dem party. Good for them. It is suicide but it is authentic, genuine, back-to-basics suicide. Those that do should f**k off and stand openly for what they are.

    Take a lesson Dave.

  7. Bloody Hell, Sue Madge Fern Somethingy,I agree with you. The result has delivered a mandate that obviously means something to a massive majority of voters.

    I have no doubt that there will be a softening of tone, but it encapsulates a desire for something different.

    Farage was wrong with his assessment. There is no grass roots to his following, the right wing needs more than a stupid chancer. He is not genuine, He is establishment, his message is not cohesive.

    Politics needs some ideological differences. The centre ‘ground’ has proved flaccid (though Blair did manage three terms and did deliver some policies with an economic surplus).

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