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Ms. Proudman


4 thoughts on “Ms. Proudman”

  1. I posted about this yesterday at my site, largely because I haven’t seen anyone actually pinpoint why this happened in the first place… Because Alexander Carter-Silk was on LinkedIn.
    If nothing else, this episode illustrates why professional service providers like Carter-Silk should not be on LinkedIn under any circumstances. Given his position and the state of his career, there was nothing for him to gain by using it to “expand his network”. The man had all the network he needed before Charlotte Proudman came flouncing into his life.

    The problem with LinkedIn is that you can very easily end up connected to people who, had you actually met them in person, you would avoid like the plague. Given what we’re now discovering about Charlotte Proudman, I’m pretty sure that had Carter-Silk met her face-to-face and had a chance to converse with her for a while, he’d have avoided any association with her – either personal or professional – from then on.

    Whether Carter-Silk acted inappropriately or Proudman over-reacted misses the point… Professional service providers live and die based on their reputation, and LinkedIn simply isn’t the right tool to either establish, enhance or protect that reputation.

  2. “If he had scrolled far enough down her LinkedIn account, he would have found more than enough to scare him off.”

    It’s all too easy not to scroll down… that’s why one doesn’t do LinkedIn in the first place.

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