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Oh dear Ritchie

At 10.30pm on Sunday, he was finally able to appoint his closest political ally John McDonnell as shadow chancellor,

That’s that job gone.

Admittedly, to one of the few people in the country even madder but still….

7 thoughts on “Oh dear Ritchie”

  1. “Union bosses have threatened to use Jeremy Corbyn’s victory to cripple Britain by holding a wave of strikes and instigating civil unrest.”

    Well that’s the 2020 and 2025 elections sorted – who’s taking bets on 2030 onwards?

  2. It really is back to the 70s! The “enemy within”, workers’ cooperatives. I bet DBCR is overjoyed. At this rate they will be commissioning a statue of Tony Benn.

  3. Ah yes, strikes. In the past few years have strikes done any good? Have Londoners got behind the RMT when they strike?

    About 3 years back there was a strike about cuts, can honestly say I did not notice any difference.

  4. I seem to recall last time I was in the UK even a firemans strike didn’t generate much public support.

  5. Maybe he’s a shield to deflect from Corbyn, he can graciously throw him to the wolves to appease them and keep his own position safe

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