OK, now this is a bit harsh

Mr McDonnell will use his speech today to set out “radical” economic plans that will “improve the lives of ordinary people”.
His spokesman said that one of the themes of the speech will be “redistribution”, a policy closely associated with Communism.

Umm, no, redistribution is not communism. Let’s not go over the top in our criticism of this fool.

16 thoughts on “OK, now this is a bit harsh”

  1. I’ve always believed redistribution was more closely associated with banditry.
    Not saying I’ve anything particularly against banditry, of course. Depends on the bandits & who they’re banditing.

  2. He’s also going on about how great Marx was.

    If you look at our capitalist system, one of the definitive analysts of how it works – not whether it is condemned, or whether it is right or wrong, just the mechanics of how it works, when it was first formed and how it would be developed – actually was Marx. If you look at most of the institutions that are teaching economics today, Marx has come back in to fashion because people have gone back to his analysis of just the basics of how the system works.

    People might disagree with his conclusions about what to do with the system, but actually to understand how the system works he comes up with some interesting analyses that have been built in to traditional and fairly classical economics.

    OK, nothing remotely controversial there; Hernando de Soto has been making this point for years. So why bring it up? Is McDonnell also listing the names of other economists who wrote good analyses? There must be dozens. Has he mentioned any Economics Nobel winners? Has he mentioned de Soto, come to that? I mean, if you’re going to name-drop people who wrote great analyses of Capitalism, surely the man generally credited to have been the first to explain in full how it all works — a man who has done genuine work to help the world’s poor, and who has advised political leaders from across the board and around the world on how to help people create their own wealth — would be worth an aside? But of course de Soto fought Communists — properly fought them, to the extent they tried to kill him.

    McDonnell wants to tell everyone how much he admires Marx. And he’s Shadow Chancellor. Fuck.

    I don’t share in this ridiculous right-wing delight that Labour are making themselves unelectable. I note that we have three generations who don’t remember the Seventies, and worry that the Right are being quite horrifically complacent about how seductive this shite is.

  3. One of those significant economic thinkers (yes, Ritchie) links to a Guardian article on McDonnell today. Apparently get agrees with his leader that we need to point the finger at corporates engaged in “evasion”.
    Begs the question: does our would-be chancellor have the first fucking clue what evasion is and is not?

  4. Squander Two

    I agree. The Corbynista programme is an.attempt to rehabilitate Marxism, nothing less. If and when Corbyn falls he will have done his duty by his religion; he will have brought Marxism back into the mainstream ‘conversation’.
    Better in fact to have been stopped from gaining power than to have gained it and fucked everything up as all Marxists eventually do. This way he can go to his grave knowing he is a martyr to the cause rather than another of history’s idiots about whom the Left says “but he wasn’t a real socialist”.

  5. A rare day when I am in agreement with SQ2 and Ironman.

    The shite Corbyn is peddling is all intellectual fantasy to large numbers in this country. If that leads them to seek out the real experience they will learn. But then it might be too late for them and the rest of us.

    It is akin to the fool who fantasises about his wife fucking other men, pesters her to do it and then finds he doesn’t like it at all and ends up divorced.

  6. Mr Ecks

    It is akin to the fool who fantasises about his wife fucking other men, pesters her to do it and then finds he doesn’t like it at all and ends up divorced

    This is a bit knowing, isn’t it Mrs Ecks? An odd analogy.

  7. A subtle snipe from Arnald. A rare day indeed.

    Implying of course that I am the fool etc, etc.

    Yes of course I am Arnie. Hey and if it helps you get off on your fantasy you can imagine that YOU are the other guy.

    BWWAAAHHAHHHA –Ad infinitum.

  8. Oh wait– I see– the link—gay dating. “Mr X”. So much for thinking that Mr Sybian might have had slightly more wit than the crass twat that is his usual persona. Oh well.

    You got some problem with a homo hook-ups Arnie ?–are you daring to imply, supposed leftist that you are, that gayboys are something shameful who deserve to be the butt of abuse–something that can be used to slyly smear people by implication? Shame on your non-PC wickedness Lawrence. Shame on you for implying sodomy is a nasty dirty habit that people should shun and be ashamed of.

    Good luck to this other Mr X crew. May their antics bring them a little all-too-fugitive happiness in this sad world. Inhabited as it is by vile homophobic freaks like Lawrence Arnald Sybian.

  9. No, Mr Sexy. I was implying that you’re a cock with a need. Not a smear, just laughing at your anger.

    What’s this about sodomy anyway? And shunning? I was trying to do you a favour and make some friends that aren’t fucking nutters.

  10. Those receiving socialist favours usually end up dead Laurence. So don’t do me no favours. And you and your pals on the list most certainly are already fucking nutters–in both senses of the expression.

  11. Mr Eggs

    So much pent up frustration. I’m still thinking you need some “socialist favours” for some merciful release.

    Have you drawn up a list? In your log cabin. Press cuttings with drawn on crosshairs? Memorising your manifesto. Bookmarks in your dog-eared copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook.

    A crate of tissues.

    Don’t fall asleep! They are under your bed!

  12. Addressing S2’s point that people don’t remember the 70s when public services were awful, the liberals have a hole card. We could campaign for the 2 million+ taxpaying EU nationals working here to have voting rights. Most only have to go back to c1990 to remember what socialism was like.

  13. Since socialist scum have already “mercifully released” the best part of 200 million people Lorance that would make you the expert.

    I would much rather have my crate of tissue than your crate of issues tho’. And the Antichrists Cookbook was written by dickless leftists for stupid and dickless leftists. As witness the numerous of same who have blown themselves up trying to realise the dubious schemes within its pages.

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