Ritchie visits Parliament

I thought you might be bemused to hear that I had the joy of finding myself behind a particularly pompous man in the queue for parliamentary security this afternoon. I thought he looked vaguely familiar but couldnt quite place him.

As I stood there listening to his ‘banter’ with the guards, which was boring them to tears, I realised that it was Ritchie himself.

I then sat next to him in the waiting room and overheard his side of a conversation with – I assume – a booker for the Andrew Marr show or similar.

‘yes well Andrew can give me a quizzing if he wants too. I’ve done Paxo. I’ve done all of them. I give as good as I receive’. ‘yes well I was behind most of Corbynomics. Between you and me there has not always been quite the credit given that is deserved, but nevermind….’ ‘well to put it in context I know a lot of politicians. I just had a chat with Natalie Bennett, who I know’ (oh the namedropping!) ‘to be clear I would be speaking on my behalf, not Jeremy’s’.

All with the most extraordinary air of pomposity, the like of which I’ve rarely heard.

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10 thoughts on “Ritchie visits Parliament”

  1. With remarks like that you could be barred from the Murphy adulation society: that’s the small group of people allowed to comment on his blog. Many have been barred for disagreeing with him, me included.

  2. Can it be true, a Pecksniff for our times?

    I haven’t really gone in for Ritchie-bashing, not least because others do it much better – but I must admit to looking forward to all this.

  3. Maybe dropping Natalie Bennett’s name will make the booker think that another car-crash interview is in the offing.

    “And if you wouldn’t mind, please don’t say I work for Jeremy; a lot of grant funding depends on it.”

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