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Should have taken a larger dose

One thing you don’t generally expect at a homoeopathy conference is for any of the “medicines” to have drastic side effects.
So when 29 delegates at an alternative medicine seminar in Germany started staggering around the site, suffering from violent convulsions, delusions and hallucinations, police suspected foul play.
It now appears that what the intoxicated delegates had taken was not homoeopathic medicine, but instead a dangerous psychedelic drug.
Tests indicate they had all taken 2C-E, or Aquarust, an amphetamine that was banned in Germany in 2014.

9 thoughts on “Should have taken a larger dose”

  1. Proper physicians recognise that a large number of potions peddled by ‘homoeopaths’, just pass through the body, and out the other side, having done absolutely nothing worthwhile during the journey!

  2. Scrobs, since most homoeopathic ‘medicines’ don’t actually contain even a single atom of the original ingredient, that’s tantamount to saying if you drink some water you will eventually piss it out or lose it in sweat etc..

  3. In fairness to Hitchins he is relatively a supporter of leaving people alone except when it comes to drugs about which he has a demented bee in his bonnet.

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