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I am really impressed with your analysis. In the past intellectuals like you would have been given your own TV series to explain these concepts. Sadly the neo-liberal takeover of broadcasting means that this does not happen now. Hopefully that will change when Jeremy Corbyn is in power.

Sirsly? That’s after moderation?

21 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. From the BBC–“The Descent of Man–a personal 13 part history of evil socialist Civilization “presented by Dr Jacob Kenneth Richard Murphy.

    Can’t wait for it to be out on DVD.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I can see him doing a long interview with Terry Wogan.

    Dressed only in turquoise.

    Those were the days.

  3. @Rob

    “Tonight, on Tax Gear! Richard struggles to buy loo roll in Venezuela, James fills out a self assessment, and I re-invent hyper inflation!”

  4. Christ, even I’ve heard of Roger Mellie. But then he said “neo-liberal takeover”. So he can’t be fake can he…

  5. @Sandman,

    You can say some really extreme things on Ritchie’s blog, provided you dress it up as being sychophantic towards his ideas.

  6. Any comment that gives Murphy a warm and damp feeling around the nether regions is likely to be published, no matter how obvious a piss take it is.

  7. I always wonder how close an eye Richard keeps on regular commentators – what if one of his sycophants was a sleeper agent, ready to go rogue?

  8. I see on the same link another famous person commented prior to his starting a new TV show – what a nugget he is – incidentally, Tim not sure if you have seen his piece on ‘The increase in debt misery’ – in it you are called out by someone (The appalling Carol Wilcox) who wholeheartedly approved of the mass slaughter of millions across several decades – not sure if that warrants a response?

  9. “Economics in the real world”

    There’s been a lot of chat about some degrees having negative value. It’s almost certain that this course will.

    I’m almost tempted to sign up so that I can go and argue with him face-to-face. Can you imagine the hilarity as a stream of “students” put him right on any number of his errors?

    Fair to say City University doesn’t care about standards.

  10. From the course description:

    “…how business elites shape policy environment?”

    No agenda there then.

    “Students are encouraged to develop, through team-work, critical views and analyses of real-life economic data and phenomena, focusing on questions such as:

    How is commonly cited economic data gathered or constructed (e.g., GNP/GDP, poverty indices, inflation and unemployment indices, transparency indices)?
    How does legal context shape economic or business behaviour?
    How does political regulation shape the behaviour of business and in turn, how do business elites shape policy environment? ”

    Isn’t this stuff that Ritchie should be learning rather than teaching?

  11. Dan

    “Prof Murphy”

    Yes, that is the actual title of his own thread…

    In fairness to Prof Murph, I think we all had teachers and lecturers that we thought were crap (and some brilliant). Often it wasn’t always their knowledge of the content that was the underlying problem, sometimes that could be usefully provocative, it was more often their ability (or inability) to teach.

    He might actually turn out to very good at it – he might be about to discover his true vocation…

  12. PF

    I hope you are right. But given what you have said, it is essential that a good teacher at degree level be able to appreciate, encourage and engage in debate with students and allow them to do so amongst themselves, even if they don’t have the required knowledge of the subject to actually argue both sides. Given his blog, comments section and moderation of this, does he display the characteristics of someone who will be a good teacher?

  13. Peston has updated his piece to respond to the LHTD’s response.

    The last paragraph is actually quite cutting if you’re paying attention:

    “Or to put it another way, quantitative easing for people makes good economic sense only if you believe that a state investment bank would make viable investments that the private sector refuses to make.”

    I like that. The words “believe” and “viable” are particularly well applied there.

  14. Which in Murphy speak is translated as “of course you are correct oh great and wise sage, forgive me for ever having doubted you”

  15. @BniC,

    That’s how he’d interpret it indeed, since I’m sure he believes that there are viable invenstment projects that the private sector refuses (another good choice of word from Peston) to make because reasons.

    Neoliberal reasons, certainly.

    Cos capitalists are always out to make an easy buck but must be refusing these viable projects because of a neoliberal belief in a small state or something.

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