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Amid a massive corruption scandal which has tarnished Brazil’s political class and driven the country’s president to the brink of impeachment, the Brazilian supreme court has banned corporate donations to candidates and parties in future elections.

With eight votes in favour and three against, the court declared late on Thursday that the rules allowing companies to donate to election campaigns were unconstitutional.

Just joyous.

The lefty government takes control of the state owned oil company, Petrobras, which then starts to feed billions and billions out to the lefty political party which makes up the government plus lots and lots of lefty politicians who happen to belong to the same, lefty and governing the state oil company, party.

The solution is to stop not the state oil company companies from donating to election campaigns.

Well, yes, that will work, won’t it?

5 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. This is gibberish, Tim: “The solution is to stop not the state oil company companies from donating to election campaigns.” I know you don’t bother to edit your stuff, but you might make an exception for utter incomprehensibility.

  2. Makes perfect sense. To stop those companies which are not the state owned oil company from donating to election campaigns. Same meaning.

  3. Well, you could have saved us both some time by writing it the second way first. The first way is, despite what you think, gibberish. Your response is a bit Murphyish, sorry to say.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    You know, I get toasted for saying that culture matters. But what the hell. Nothing is going to stop Brazilians being Brazilians. They were born in Brazil. They grow up being Brazilians. They are quite often proud of it. It is virtually impossible to make them stop.

    No matter what their Supreme Court says, Brazilians are going to Brazil.

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