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So when the bird says, no, really, I’ve got a great sense of humour

Then you know that she won’t even laugh at the one about Helen Keller breaking her fingers when she fell down the well:

Her campaign launched a competition for supporters in which the winner will get to meet the candidate in person at the first televised Democratic debate in Nevada on Oct 13.
John Podesta, Mrs Clinton’s campaign chairman, wrote an email to supporters urging them to enter.

He said: “She’s a whole lot of fun. She can talk about anything and everything – from the Kardashians to wonky climate change policy. Meet her in person and see what I mean.”
At the weekend Mrs Clinton tried to convince television viewers that she was not detached.

Umm, yeah.

After all these years in politics you’d think she’d know that the aim is to be able to fake it in front of the crowds of voters…..

2 thoughts on “So when the bird says, no, really, I’ve got a great sense of humour”

  1. What I don’t understand is how Yankee politics came to this pass where Mrs Clinton is a Big Cheese.

    For fuck’s sake, why?

    She has the likeability factor of a post-menopausal Chuckie doll and the real-world achievements of Marie Antoinette’s spoiled div-kid cousin, Duchess Hortensia Cakengobbler-Arseface.

    It’s not just my evil reactionary right wing muh sojiny either. I can see the appeal of Obama and Mr. Clinton. Obama is a cool black guy who looks and sounds like the sort of president who would fly a fighter jet into an alien mothership.

    Bubba could have charmed all four legs off an Arcturan Megadonkey. Then persuaded it to go for a walk. Then had sex with it.

    My all-time greatest political hero is Mrs Thatcher, peace be upon her.

    I can even understand how some Septic lefties like the spurious squaw, Elizabeth Warren. She uses every part of the campaign dollar.

    But Hillary Clinton? How can any normal human being look at her and not have the same reaction you get when your cat starts making gakking sounds over your favourite rug?

    Compared with her, Ed Miliband is an affable charming rake.

  2. Steve,

    It’s mostly that she slipstreamed in behind Bill and captured some of that feminist vote at the time.

    My dream fight is a girl-on-girl contest between Hilary and Carly Fiorina. She’s doing well in the debates, can do the “people” thing, has broad appeal and has an American Dream story. It would humour me greatly to see a woman in the White House who is the Wrong Sort of Woman.

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