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Tax dodging in the public sector

No doubt the LHTD will be onto this real soon now:

Police forces are giving emergency response cars to senior civilian staff which allows them to avoid paying tax, it has emerged.
Directors of finance, human resources and IT departments have been issued with vehicles with blue lights and sirens as company cars.
Each could avoid paying more than £2,000 a year in ‘taxable benefits’ because HM Revenue and Customs does not impose tax bills on emergency vehicles.

Or is tax dodging in the public sector not quite the same thing?

11 thoughts on “Tax dodging in the public sector”

  1. I doubt he’ll bother. If everything belongs to the state, it’s stealing from itself, which is irrelevant.

    Terribly convenient.

  2. ‘Tax Research ‘ was always the means to an end: self-publicity for a raging egomaniac. Now that he’s an economist, advising the next leader of the Labour Party, he won’t have time for tax. I doubt he’ll have time for his blog.

  3. Look, these organisations have said that it wasn’t for tax reasons. If you can’t trust State organisations, you might as well give up. So he won’t bother.

  4. Scene: an accounts dept squad room. Sgt Phil Esterhaus is giving out the morning’s briefing.

    Esterhaus: ‘Bob, there’s been some poor spreadsheet management over in the sales dept. I want you and Joe to patrol that area. And Dave, I hear that receipts aren’t being correctly filed in warehousing . You and Steve are on stakeout, until lunchtime, when Tony and June will relieve you’

    ‘And guys…? Let’s be careful out there!’

    Fade to credits. Mike Post theme starts up.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If you stick blue flashers on your car in the UK the Plod will come down on you like a ton of bricks as it is explicitly against statute for non-authorised persons to display emergency signal lights. HR bods do not fall in the category of authorised people. Therefore never mind the tax benefits. They’re breaking the law.

  6. won’t work. They are not emergency vehicles. If they are not included as company vehicles on P11D then this would be fraud on the part of the employer.

  7. Agh the joyous workings of the state, once I had an emergency response route pass that would allow me to use designated roads in case of a disaster (earthquake zone) while my wife didn’t have such a pass. Problem is I was an analyst for the transit authority and she was a senior emergency room nurse. Pretty sure in case of a disaster she would have been a damn site more useful than me or much more in demand workwise.

  8. Back in the day when I was a lawyer, my senior partner, a very wise man, said: If you look carefully almost every tax loophole is designed to benefit senior civil servants.

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