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Telegraph watch

Swiss bans sale of Volkswagen diesel cars


9 thoughts on “Telegraph watch”

  1. I assume this is a grammar related complaint. So the Swiss can continue selling VWs they just aren’t allowed to sell them cheaply.

  2. My wife was in the market for a good used golf diesel. Wonder if the recent news will lead to prices falling as a response to the stupid panicking and flooding the market?

  3. TGR, as someone educated after 1980 I can’t even tell you why it’s wrong I just know it is.

    The Swiss ban sales…
    Switzerland bans sales…
    A Swiss ban on sales…

    All sound fine,

    Swiss bans sale..
    Is just wrong, it just is.

  4. Just to let you know….TGR used to be one of the subeditors on the Telegraph. My spotting such errors is really about that fact….

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