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The answer always is “More Europe” isn’t it?

After 12 months of almost perpetual crisis which threatened the unravelling of the Euro and the end of borderless travel, Mr Juncker is expected to offer a one-word prescription for Europe’s mounting list of ills: “Solidarity”.

With the migrant debate pitting Old Europe against poorer eastern states, Mr Juncker is expected to advocate a radical expansion of his Commission’s power….

It’s never, ever, a diminution of the Commission’s power, nor of the EU’s, nor of the centre’s, or the bureaucracy’s, is it?

Nuke them from orbit I think…..

10 thoughts on “The answer always is “More Europe” isn’t it?”

  1. I’m more a traditionalist, seeing them all swinging in the breeze from the nearest lamp post would suffice.

  2. I’m more a modernist, seeing them vaporized with kinetic energy weapons, kiloton asteroids at 10 mi/sec, would suffice.

    But lamp posts are good too.

  3. I always thought Devil’s Kitchen had more imaginative solutions, although he also has the lamp post as a starting point.

    And there were always the strategically sharpened cockroaches waiting in the wings…

  4. I rather like the idea of a fleet of C130 gunships circulating the Berlaymont wasting anything that moves.

    But seriously chaps we’ve got to stop these fuckers.

    And as they have left us no peaceful way to do it, it wil happen through violence, however much I personally may dislike political violence.

  5. There was a helicopter gunship over central London yesterday, sort of circling. Don’t think I’ve seen that before.

  6. DK was always in favour of feeding feet first into spinning Cessna propellers, wasn’t he? I believe Harriet Harman was a candidate, for a period.
    Really miss DK. And that angry mate of his, posted under the image of the snarling baby. Whatever happened to swearbloggers?

  7. BiS, that was Mr Eugenides. I really enjoyed his output, but IIRC his final entry (when he revealed his true identity) mentioned that the anger had subsided a bit after the one-eyed Scottish fuckwit lost the 2010 election.

    I believe he does still post on Twatter.

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