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There is a connection between Jezzbollah and Zimbabwe

Jeremy Corbyn opened Labour’s meeting today by accidentally re-reading a speech he made just last month for a full 25-minutes.

The 66-year-old leader failed to notice his mistake as he repeated his state of the party address in its entirety.

Opposition representatives from the Blairite wing were sent text messages during the speech warning them not to interrupt the veteran leader, who remained completely unaware that he’s spoken the same words a month earlier.


Robert Mugabe’s recent major appearance as Zimbabwe’s President and party leader descended into shambles when he failed to use pre-briefed lines attacking Margaret Thatcher in his speech to the assemlbled rabble.

According to pre-briefed comments, Mr Mugabe was planning to invoke the memory of Margaret Thatcher by declaring that the Conservatives view Zimbabweans as “the enemy within” – the expression used by Lady Thatcher to describe them in the 1980s.

Lady Thatcher is a hate figure for many Zimbabwean activists who blame her for the decline of British colonialism in the 1980s and the imposition of Mugabe upon that country.

25 thoughts on “There is a connection between Jezzbollah and Zimbabwe”

  1. Oh–its a Private Eye photo switch thing.

    Given his age and the fact that he is far from being even a sharp tool never mind the sharpest in the box it is likely that Corbyn will be making a great many errors.

    I was going to say “beyond his entire life so far” but his life like all leftists has been a sustained act of malice not an error.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Marginal Revolution is reporting some of his other gems too:

    Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela & a very wide world

    I believe that homeo-meds works for some ppl and that it compliments ‘convential’ meds. they both come from organic matter…

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Dongguan John – “He went to two good schools leaving with two Es in A levels before failing at a poly. He’s thick as shit.”

    So he has that going for him. His parents aren’t dumb but they met while supporting Stalinism in Spain. Corbyn claims they took part in the Battle of Cable Street – a totalitarian effort to ban free speech in Britain. His father was an electrical engineer and mother a maths teacher. So they are smart socialists. That is worse than just being thick as sh!t and falling into left wing politics as an alternative to mental illness.

  4. Yes I’m sure his parents envisioned themselves as the planners in a socialist utopia, all the book smart ones do. Ironically the idiot son is the one leading the Labour party now.

  5. He has prob been aimed into socialist evil from day one. His stupidity (since it is unlikely to be genetic) arises from the fact that he has little interest in anything apart from politicking to force marx’s obnoxious ideas on everyone else. If they had had A levels in promoting tyranny the cunt would have passed those with flying colours. What brains nature may have given him have been stunted by his one-note life.

    No one should be complacent tho’.Daily gaffes or not, he will have an evil animal cunning and if he doesn’t those around him will.

  6. “He said: “Those people who died in that dreadful fire in China where there was a freemarket philosophy around the operation of the port, firefighters died trying to protect other workers who should have been protected by decent health and safety conditions.””

    Except, Jezza, there are in fact strict health and safety laws in China. It’s that the state employees whose responsibility it is to enforce the rules prefer it if you don’t bother and give them a bag full of cash instead. It goes so far that these state employees will give you a hard time if you obey the rules as they prefer the bag of cash. I know this because we follow the rules and I’ve been through it all.

  7. Reminds me of the scene in Yes, Minister where Hacker goes to the City farm, starts reading the speech intended for a conference of business leaders, is stopped and handed the correct one which embarrassingly is almost identical, starting with the same bland cliches.

  8. Let’s enjoy it while we can. Remember the old saw. The trouble with political jokes is they get elected.

    Actually I can see this going one of several ways. He’ll turn out to be so awful that he’ll be deposed as leader close to the next election, and a new Blair like leader can take the Labour party to power on the back of an unpopular Tory party. Remember Cameron has said that he won’t serve a third term, so if the Tories pick a duff un going into the election this could happen.

    There is the nightmare scenario that he does get elected. Then I can see that he and Murphy will destroy the pound and the EU comes along and generously offers us a fast track into the Euro.

    I agree the most likely case is that the nutter will be unelectable, but the Left leaning Labour party won’t be able to get rid of him before he disastrously loses the next election. But events, dear boy, events. Who knows.

  9. Dongguan John – so, to get this straight: you get given a hard time because you are exploiting technicalities in the law (ie: by following it you avoid exposure to sanctions) in order to avoid paying over amounts which are rightly (ie established by long custom and practice) due to the relevant officials (albeit not the official body)?

    Sounds entirely deserved to me!

  10. The Battle of Cable Street was a great victory for the fascist anti-Fascists over the fascist Fascists. Nowadays we have only the first kind.

  11. @ian reid He’ll turn out to be so awful that he’ll be deposed as leader close to the next election

    I don’t think he will last that long, its almost 5 years to the next election, they will get rid of him with plenty of time to bed in a new leader.

    In fact, he may even be clearing the path for a new generation of LP leaders of whom we yet know nothing.

  12. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    Is Cameron still bound by the five year fixed government, or can he call an election any time he likes?

    He’s bound by it until he decides to repeal the law that established it.

  13. I have no doubt that if an old speech were loaded into Obama’s teleprompter, he’d read it full without realizing he read it before.

  14. I’m looking forward to PMQs, when Unexpected_Item_in-De-Bagging-Area gets to his feet.

    Will Cameron be nice (to keep him as a memento mori)? That could come across as patronising. Or will he go for the jugular?

    I might even watch it.

  15. “In fact, he may even be clearing the path for a new generation of LP leaders of whom we yet know nothing.”

    Lisa Nandy has been mentioned.

  16. @theophrastus Lisa Nandy has been mentioned.
    just googled her, she’s got the shadow energy and climate change brief, studied politics and public policy, so may not know Ohm’s law or the difference between a two stroke and a four stroke.

    Nothing on her wiki page suggests she’s got any quality, though if she has now’s her opportunity to show it.

    Grandad was a liberal peer, educated at Westminster and oxford, director of RTZ, so she’s somewhat connected.

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