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Well, that tells Ritchie then

Some say this whole money-go-round should be ended by the Government cancelling the gilts that the Bank holds. Some people have imagined that this would not just bring sanity to monetary arrangements but could also save money.

This is delusional.

4 thoughts on “Well, that tells Ritchie then”

  1. Roger Bootle is a typical neoliberal troll. Who is he to criticise me – what are his credentials?

    I’m 0.2 of a professor at City University and serious people agree with me.

    I have answered these points before. I will not be wasting my time again. Future comments from him will be deleted.

  2. I was taken with this freudian (presumably) slip on RJM’s blog today:

    I have a blog under the above title on The Conversation website this morning. The piece was written last week, although minorly updated last night, and is my first comment as Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University on The Conversation site, which was reserved exclusively for academics.

  3. Have to agree with Glen Dorran. Serious economists are casually dismissed as ‘neoliberal Trolls’ by someone who doesn’t have a scintilla of understanding – Bootle (who is excellent) is talking to a brick wall here. I do like the reference to the debasement of coinage in older times though – as that is exactly what ‘People’s QE’ is.

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