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We’re gonna get slaughtered, aren’t we?

Good so far, and yes, Fiji, who are ninth.

But, umm, no.

15 thoughts on “We’re gonna get slaughtered, aren’t we?”

  1. Yeah, but, in this group, not enough. Against Oz and Wales, need to be much better than that. And we do have to beat both.

  2. A lot of first night nerves on display ,as if everyone wasn’t quite sure what they were doing. This especially included the match officials. 13 minutes added on to the first half for TV replays won’t add to the spectacle. England losing lots of ball turned over ,but Im wondering how much of that was SH interpretaion around the breakdown not a convincing performance but it’s 4 points in the bag. Still can’t see England past the quarters.

  3. Like the great Clive said: “Australia and Wales were praying we wouldn’t get that fourth try.”

    We’ve got the first game out of the way with a bonus point win and that’s as good as it gets at this stage.

  4. I think Stuart Lancaster and the team will have learnt a lot from that match. We got what we needed with no injuries plus a searching test that revealed more than the warm up games.

    I’m confident of getting to semis. Win group and we’ll likely play Scotland with ABs awaiting in semi. Come second and we’ll have the dispirited, misfiring Boks to overcome for a semi against the Frogs.

  5. I’m trying to get the Illinois locals interested in Samoa v USA this weekend. Mainly by showing them the 2005 Twickenham fight (which was even better live).

    Talking of which, a SIXTH Tuilagi brother is now an international.

    And also … I’m told the NFL is filling up with Samoans, so there’ll be down to their 3rd XV soon.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Give credit to Fiji, they’re a big side and played well. If they stay injury free and keep improving as a unit they’re going to give Wales a scare and on a good day could even snatch a win.

    England’s scrum is the most worrying part, they don’t seem to be able to get a stable platform against anyone.

  7. Strange that in a sport where players are taught from birth that the referee’s word is sacred, the authorities themselves have contradicted that position.

    Once the referee has made a decision the TMO should belt up and stay shtumm, even if it’s the wrong decision.

    We never know which England team is going to turn up;it varies depending on who the opponent is.

    I think they’ll win it.

  8. To be fair, it’s no different to a touch judge calling the ref back for something he didn’t see, which has always happened (at games with qualified TJs rather than a sub from either side running the lines)

  9. Sign of a good team is winning ugly. We did that and billy got that all important bonus point. We aren’t at 2003 vintage levels but that year England played well against South Africa and that was it yet we won the RWC.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Japan beat South Africa? And I missed it too.


    Shows that anything is possible if your opponents are too arrogant.

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