Willing to try Zoe

But they might well jail me.

Can we at least try talking to young people about sex?

Middle aged bloke talking to the youngsters about sex’n’erections’n’blowjobs’n’orgasms……I’d get jugged these days, wouldn’t I?

9 thoughts on “Willing to try Zoe”

  1. Yeah Zoe, the young will be so grateful that hanging, middle-aged trendies have chosen to talk to them about sex; won’t make ’em puke at all.

  2. @Matt, and the same article says that only 60 were expelled. No figures on those actually convicted of rape, but likely to be very low numbers too. I get the feeling that the numbers of reported are exactly those, reported. Doesn’t equate to actual cases.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    K.R. Lohse – “….and the key thrown away.”

    Unless you join a Planned-Parenthood-type organisation and volunteer to teach Sexual Education in schools.

    Then you can talk to 14 year old girls about blow jobs all you like. Only a nut case would think there was anything at all inappropriate about that.

  4. “I just hate to think my daughter is sitting there,” Sajid Javid told the Sunday Times, “reading on the news or watching television and thinking, ‘I don’t want to go to university because I might be assaulted.’”

    This sound a little crazy to me, in several ways.

  5. CHF: The useless BluLabour twat should think:

    “I better find some way to bring down all the lying leftist shite who are lying a non-existent problem to such a pitch it is spoiling peoples lives never mind their education.”

    Middle( and upper)-class marxist shite. Is there a worse load of dross on the planet?

    You can almost see that from the 1930s and before that working class lives were hard enough that the little red weed of envy and anger might feed socialist bullshit. You could almost see the emotional appeal of hate-based bollocks like socialism to those who worked hard for little ( by modern standards). Almost–until logic and sense come in.

    But the fucking well-off leftist whelps who now fill up the ranks of ZaNu and BluLab ( including Corbyn(e) –he isn’t any son of working-class toil) are the vilest load of sanctimonious, self-hating shite ever to both disgrace and threaten this country.

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