A new public spending rule

Government should not subsidise Nigerian sofas:

Nearly £50million of taxpayers’ money was handed over to the collapsed charity Kids Company over the past 13 years despite ministers being warned on six occasions that the cash could be wasted, the spending watchdog has found.
The report from the National Audit Office found that Conservative and Labour ministers since 2002 repeatedly over-ruled the concerns from civil servants about the way the money was being spent.
The grants continued to flow despite a former manager at Kids Company personally warning civil servants and its trustees about the charity’s “senior management structure” and the way cash was being handed out to young people.
The charity, which was led by its high-profile founder Camila Batmanghelidjh, was able to attract the cash by issuing dire public warnings about its future whenever there were concerns about the continued supply of government money.

Yep. Interesting little note:

At one point Kids Company was accounting up 20 per cent of the voluntary and community grants awarded by the Department for Education.

So now we know who has those piccies of Dave and the pig’s head.

10 thoughts on “A new public spending rule”

  1. Its all beyond rational comprehension. If someone disguised as a Nigerian sofa rocked up at your gaff asking for cash to help would be rappers and drug dealers, the over stuffed posterior would be given the bums rush PDQ.

  2. Weren’t direct cash transfers to the poor supposed to provide better value than in-kind benefits? KidsCo has shot that argument right down.

  3. Machiavelli

    “Its all beyond rational comprehension.”

    Not really. Colourful, ethnic, self-righteous parasite persuades gullible celebs and members of the liberal elite ( eg Botney) that she is a wonder-worker with semi-feral picannies in sarf Lunnun and Bristol. They open their cheque books, and they feel warm inside. Colourful, ethnic, self-righteous parasite approaches government with mega-hype and support of liberal elite and celebs. Civil servants are slightly sceptical. Batmanjellified goes to the top. Busy politicians afraid of bad publicity – what about the cheeeldren? – criticism from celebs and accusations of racism cave in and approve expenditure.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    As Ian B once said, anyone dressed like Constanzia Barrageballoon is going to be a wrong ‘un. The Technicolor Dreamcoat getup is like the dazzle paint on a warship: intended to distract and misdirect. Moment I saw the bloody woman a klaxon started sounding. “Aye aye,” thought I,”count the spoons.”

  5. “Are the police investigating Ms Bananajelly and her works? If not why not?”

    Despite comically obvious fraud nothing will happen.

  6. Has she produced evidence of the suicides/deaths she referred to in the commons committee?
    I rather liked that exchange when she was trying to make the MPs feel guilty about the great distress caused by closing kids co. and it was suggested she try bringing some evidence in the future.

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