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And there is joy at this, right?

Phil Collins comeback: Singer says he is ‘no longer retired’


I thought he was a very interesting drummer myself, not so sure about the vocals though…..

7 thoughts on “And there is joy at this, right?”

  1. It is the Telegraph. Maybe its name should be changed to Telegraf (like The Grauniad) it gets so many things wrong.

  2. Not just an ‘interesting’ drummer but one of the best drummers of the last 50 years.
    Voice? He has a pleasant, if not terribly expressive voice with an average range, but as he was ‘volunteered’ to be the singer in Genesis when Gabriel left I think he’s done alright.

  3. During the Genesis reunion tour of 2007 he damaged vertebrae which caused nerve damage that meant he couldn’t drum. No idea if he still has issues, but it’s likely he still has restrictions.

  4. FFS he could only sound as if he had a voice by singing into an echo chamber the size of the bogs at Wembley Football Stadium. He has a voice that could only project in an outside privy.

    If you let him sing again, it might class as a crime against Humanity or the Islamic Nation.

  5. Collins had an absolute advantage over most drummers of his era.

    But it’s comparative advantage that pays the bills, and it’s apparently a lot harder to be a decent front man.

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