Anyone want to clip a file for me?

Figure 7 here as a .jpg or summat?

I simply have no idea at all how to do this.

I have this now, from Mike. Thanks Mike!

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  1. If you’re using Windows7 or later, use the snipping tool.

    Click on the Start menu button, bottom left of the screen, and in the Search Box type Snipping Tool. You’ll probably only get as far as sni before it appears in the list.

    Click on it, [the screen will grey out slightly] then move the cursor (a cross) to the top left of the area of the screen, LEFT click and hold, dragging to bottom right of the desired area.

    Release the button and the clip appears in the Snipping tool. You can save or copy it from there.

    If the part of the screen you need is obscured (eg by the tool), press ESC, then move the tool window, To create a new clip, use the New button.

  2. Czech colleague hasn’t replied to me – so I’m winging this one 🙂

    In the above instructions, substitute Výstřižků for Snipping Tool when typing into the search box.

    Failing that, try something else from this page. This also shows the icon you should expect to see.

  3. I bet the executable name is SnippingTool.exe also in a Czech language version of Windows. So just type “snippingtool” in the search box.

  4. “Excellent…..except the OS is in Czech…..”

    You do know you can switch the OS to English? As long as you have the language available. (Do any version of Windows not?)

    I seem to remember it’s possible to put a little doofus in the task bar by the clock, lets you switch OS language as needed. I’ve a suspicion a reboot’s required, though.
    That was for the W2K derived OS’s. 8 & above,
    Wouldn’t mind knowing how to do it myself. What with having about 3 or 4 languages being used, back home.
    How you do it however…

    Of course, keyboards can be a problem. Praise be to US International

  5. Press Alt+PrtScn to copy the screen to the clipboard, then paste it into your favourite editor, e.g. Paint.Net, or MSPaint if you have nothing else.

    Print Screen key may be Print Screen or PrtSc, PrtScn or some variant.

    If you are on a laptop you may have to use the blue Fn button to access the PrtSc key. For example on this one it is in blue under Insert, so I have to press Alt+Fn+Insert where Fn+Insert equals PrtSc.

  6. I think the biggest question here is why Tim is using a Czech version of Windows when he can’t read it.

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