Because they’re made up of people

Dull, abusive, self-satisfied: why can’t we make audiences better?

This is another installment in our infrequent series of questions in The Guardian we can answer.

3 thoughts on “Because they’re made up of people”

  1. ” No wonder there’s a new debate about free speech brewing, with conservatives claiming the left is silencing them – when, in fact, they’re merely being invited to explain or defend their ideas.”

    The arrogance of this vermin is mind-boggling. It would be nice if all those holding non-left ( esp anti-feminist )views could even get a chance to speak at assorted uni venues across the West–the US particularly

  2. Or the Guardian could switch to a Reddit-style or Slashdot-style comments system, so their writers need never read the opinions of the Great Unwashedinformed.

  3. If you want a better audience, write better material, you dimwit. For instance, quite unlike this tendentious dreck.

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