But aren’t they the ones that need an education?

A private Sydney college is being accused of recruiting illiterate and disabled students

8 thoughts on “But aren’t they the ones that need an education?”

  1. The linked article does go on to discuss somewhat dubious practices. It suggests that the students are unlikely to benefit from any education and that the private college are just scamming tax dollars out of the aussie gubernmentalists. Yay, free enterprise!

    (Hello Mr W, El Reg refugee here, any others out there?)

  2. Around here you’ll find that I like to make my little jokules. Juxtapositions of words and headlines perhaps, rather than necessarily about the substance of the story. And welcome, of course welcome!

  3. Having met some of the products of Australian private schools, I can only assume that they’re recruiting the illiterate as teachers too.

  4. Yes, but nobody is getting educated. They are just using these people to suck up funding streams.

    There are presumably issues with the funding mechanisms, but that doesn’t mean abusing them is beyond criticism.

  5. @ Tim W

    Ah, got you. We El Reg commentards will have no chance without a joke icon – I’m sure that you’ve noticed we take everything seriously, lol.

    I wonder if an El Reg effect will show in your blog analytics?

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