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Cheerful thought

If we lose to Uruguay then I don’t think we qualify for 2019 as of right…, something still to play for.

Come on Uruguay!

5 thoughts on “Cheerful thought”

  1. There’s also the seeding, which is why the “Group of Death” had Wales, England and Australia. When the draw was made in December 2012, Wales had dropped to ninth because of a disastrous Autumn International series in which they lost to Argentina, Samoa, NZ and Australia.

  2. Sadly not. England already have 6 points and the most Uruguay and Fiji can hope for is 5, with a try bonus each.

    If bonus points didn’t exist, ranking is decided on the match between the teams on equal points. Since we’ve already beaten Fiji…

    Unless, of course, Uruguay beat both Fiji and England in the space of five days. That’s asking too much.

  3. Strictly Uruguay could get 6 points – lose to Fiji by 7 or less and then thrash England scoring 4 tries. Highly implausible – they probably stand more chance of winning both matches outright!

    Fundamentally it’s not going to happen – but how embarrassing would it be to have to sit out a 6N one year: “Sorry lads. Would love to play but we need to play Portugal, Spain and Germany to qualify for Japan 2019!”

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