Geoffrey Lean really is an idiot

It is high time they did, for there is a lot of business to be done. Already the world’s biggest investor in renewables, China is planning to spend £175 billion in trying to cut its severe air pollution (from burning fossil fuels) by a quarter as early as 2017. And it is actively seeking Western help, with its Premier, Li Keqiang, telling the OECD in June that it was seeking to “buy energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment from developed countries”.
“If UK firms do not leap in here, someone else surely will” says Richard Black, Director of the impressive Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, which has just produced a report on the issue. “All the signals show that China is open for business”.

OK, so China is going to be spending lots on renewables.

By contrast, the danger is that our supply of low carbon goods and services, now topping £800 million a year, will actually decline because of Government policies now hitting British firms. In the last fortnight, for example, four solar companies have closed, with a loss of 1000 jobs, in anticipation of cuts by George Osborne’s Treasury. Now that really might make you want to go nuclear.


Those British firms closing are installation companies. They climb up on a roof in Walsall and install Chinese made panels. What the fuck are they going to export to China? Just because a company is in renewables, or solar, doesn’t mean it can export you fool.

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  1. And the usual bollocks of assessing what’s being done by what’s being spent.
    China may just be inefficient in reducing carbon emissions.
    And the UK may be becoming more efficient at providing whatever “low carbon goods & services” are when they’re not Geoffrey Lean’s second hand waffle.
    Geoffrey Lean being a copy & paste from pressure group handout merchant & not, in any way, a proper journalist.

  2. The chances of Richard Black being involved in anything impressive are statistically zero. Neither am I certain that “Climate” and”Intelligence” belong in the same sentence, let alone in juxtaposition.

  3. Here’s how it’s done, with reference to one of this morning’s posts:
    “In recent years I’ve reduced my spending on alcohol by over 50%”
    Hurrah!!! You’ve reduced your risk of dementia.

    (I moved to Spain, he slurred)

  4. Its all just words to Lean, and the rest of the idiots like him. None of them have ever ‘done’ anything. They don’t understand the practical realities. If a company is ‘in renewables’ then of course they can help the Chinese with their air pollution issues! The fact its actually a chancer called Tarquin who runs his ‘Solar development company’ from his spare room and all he does is get roofers to shoddily install solar panels on peoples roofs is irrelevant.

  5. Lean is employed by the Telegraph to generate clickbait from readers outraged by his idiocy.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. BiS
    The beer is piss, the wine like vinegar, the sun never shines, the golf is crap and the beaches terrible. Skiing doesn’t exist and food (here in the North) is so bad I live off home-made bacon butties with lots of fat.

    I don’t pop in at 8.00 without an appointment for a full spectrum blood test and I don’t get my results by 15.00 by email which aren’t copied to my family doctor nor to my urologist.

    My private health insurance isn’t relatively cheap and high tech.

    And BiS is lying the booze is three times the price of the UK.

    Now, I’ve set the record straight, back to work…..

    (Got to keep the rest of you away somehow)

  7. You don’t fool me, bilbaoboy. I learned to ski in the Spanish Pyrenees (Formigal). Excellent. My undergraduate sedimentology field trip was to the Pyrenees too. Great campsite by a mountain lake. Superb cheap Riocha. Excellent local restaurant and cheap brandy if you needed a top up (make mine a double).

  8. No @bilbaoboy, I’m with Bloke in Shpain on this.

    Booze is really cheap here, but that’s because we leave at the other side of the country (You’re somewhere near Granada / Malaga, right BiS?).

    I’m constantly amazed at the number of excellent Reds that you can get for less than €3. Even in supermarkets. And drinkable ones for less than €2.

    Beef is expensive though, I’ll give you that.

  9. The beer is piss, the wine like vinegar, the sun never shines, the golf is crap and the beaches terrible. Skiing doesn’t exist and food (here in the North) is so bad I live off home-made bacon butties with lots of fat.

    I find it the same in France. 🙁 Name one good reason why anyone would go to Annecy.

  10. Even if they were able to export, the fact that they need a fat subsidy to stay in business shows they are destroying value. The more they make, the poorer we are.

    (With the added bonus that the Chinese would be getting a nice tax-payer funded discount on their purchases)

  11. I’ve changed my story & am going with bilbaoboy. Horrible place. I’m down there doing a penance. Popped up to the UK for absolution. No chance, ‘nother 20 years to serve. Flying back (in chains) end of month. Be warned.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Geoffrey Lean is a prat. His Comedy Vicar act is dull, dull, dull. I can only agree that his function as clickbait is the only reason the Hellograph keeps him on.

  13. Shouldn’t that be China is eager to buy low Carbon technology so it can reverse engineer it and undercut British firms

  14. Lean got confused because (BBC) journalists refer to it as the ‘UK’s Solar Industry’.

    The implication being someone somewhere in the UK is actually manufacturing something, rather than it just being an offshoot of the building trade. I’ve even heard it described as hi-tech ffs.

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