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He’s still not getting it, is he?

It’s a tax on transactions which most closely therefore approximates to a consumption tax

No, it therefore most closely approximates to a transactions tax.

6 thoughts on “He’s still not getting it, is he?”

  1. You know, you read a line like that and you have to pause and ask yourself… could Richard Murphy really being doing the whole Sacha Baron Cohen thing on us?

    Could Richard Murphy actually be doing the accountant’s/economist’s version of Borat and duping us all?

  2. I’m sure his twisty logic is something like consuming involves transactions so taxing the transaction is taxing the consumption.
    a sort of logical fallacy

    Consuming is a transaction
    Transactions can be taxed
    So my tax is a consumption tax

  3. DTP

    $64 million question. it’s like the double agent / mole question we always wonder with the nuttier politicians – were they working for the other side all the time!

  4. Dennis

    I don’t think he’s that intelligent or has a sense of ridiculousness – however, if it is a spoof then it would be one of the greatest of all time…

  5. I keep posting the same thing here when you lot express puzzlement about what Murphy is – he’s a con-man, and a good one.

    I kind of admire him for it.

    He’s giving the lefties what they want and doing so ‘good and hard’ as the sainted Mencken would have it.

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