I get a one star review!

Thanks to David S for flagging this up:

By Graeme P Maxton
This review is from: The No Breakfast Fallacy: Why the Club of Rome was wrong about us running out of minerals and metals (Kindle Edition)
Nice idea, and good attention seeking. But also wrong, and not just because it falsely claims that ‘every generation runs out of mineral reserves’. The central premise is also flawed. The Club of Rome did not say we would run out of resources in The Limits to Growth (it is only the internet conspiracy theories that say this). The Club of Rome did not say we will run out of anything. It said, and says, that we are using SOME of the world’s resources too quickly for this to be sustainable for future generations and that the quality of what remains will gradually decline while the price (and energy required) to access them will rise. We will have to spend progressively more on some raw materials, in other words, leaving us less to spend on consumption. (I write this as the Secretary General of the Club of Rome).

He doesn’t seem to have read the book very closely really.

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  1. Flagged as an unhelpful “review” – he obviously didn’t read the book.

    SJW’s have recently taken to one-starring books that contradict their narrative. It’s an attempt at censorship by gaming the Amazon reviews system to discourage sales of Badthink.

    If you go to the bit where it says “did you find this review helpful?” and click “No” it downweights their fake reviews.

  2. And of course civilisation collapsed in the 1650s because we hit “peak tree” and never dicovered how to extract and use coal efficiently.

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention, the human mind can imagine endless possibilities.

    On a relative comparison on the geological scale, the human race has only just dropped out of the trees and we know not much at all about the virtually untapped resources of the crust – Australia for example has billions of tons of coal, the forces which drive tectonic plates could be a source of virtually infinite energy and fusion could be the stuff of Stars. Quantum physics opens a whole gamut of possibilities – the universe is there to be comprehended, we [humanity] need to study and study hard.

    We haven’t even really begun the journey and some insufferable dorks are saying its all over – honestly…… they really need to open their horizons, “peaking” indeed, the mountains lie before us, we haven’t even reached for our boots, to be able to walk out of the foothills – yet.

  4. As far as I can remember, the original report did indeed say we were going to run out of certain resources, it even gave projected dates. That’s why it had so much impact. I suspect the author of the review is lying about the report and their identity.

  5. “SJW’s have recently taken to one-starring books that contradict their narrative. It’s an attempt at censorship by gaming the Amazon reviews system to discourage sales of Badthink.”

    I thought Amazon were suing fake reviewers?

  6. Libtard statists want to put you down. They will use any excuse to get you to accept it. Supply and demand of minerals is a shiny object. The message is you must accept limits on your life. Should vast stores of minerals be discovered, you would still be required to ACCEPT LIMITS ON YOUR LIFE.

  7. Edward, the one I like is:
    “If everyone has a phone we’ll run out of copper next year!!!”

    “Nah. We’ll just use sand to make the wires.”

    As for being “the Secretary General of the Club of Rome”, string the genocidal misanthrope up now before he kills more people.

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