I need a new writing job

Anyone looking for econ/tech/business writer, US+Europe, remote working?

19 thoughts on “I need a new writing job”

  1. No and yes.

    I do have a small proposal in front of me. But it pays at the rate of 5 pence a word. The righties seem to want people to work for their money…..

  2. Tim

    Have you tried Townhall or Breitbart? The former is US based but does employ some European counterparts – latter would snap you up in a heartbeat I’d think!

  3. Thought. Get yourself a youtube channel and do some vids about capitalism and stuff. There is a lot of education needed especially for the yoof.

  4. The Breitbart letter is already in. Townhall tends not to pay very much……works more on the US model of write columns in order to sell books/get speaking gigs.

  5. BuzzFeed UK is continuing to expand its editorial team with the announcement that Tom Chivers, currently assistant comment editor at The Telegraph, will join the outlet as a senior writer in January.

    The appointment comes as UK editor Luke Lewis plans to focus on developing the news side of BuzzFeed UK over the next year.

    “Up until now, we’ve hired general reporters, now we want to build a beat structure,” Lewis told Journalism.co.uk.

    “We want to hire an LGBT editor, [and] we’re thinking about other beats such as economics, housing.”

    BuzzFeed has more than doubled its UK audience in the past year, now reporting 20 million unique visitors, up from 8 million at the end of last year, said Lewis.

  6. Have you tried the Grauniad? They’re always in need of someone that understands either economics, or freedom.

    Adopting a suitably ethnic-sounding female name would probably do your chances no harm there either.

  7. There seems to be an awful lot of “seven gay celebrities you didn’t know had had cosmetic surgery in 1983” stuff padding out even once-respectable newspaper websites these days. Guess there isn’t much money in that either.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    The Economist are looking for some to write on banking, see this week’s edition. It says London based but I’ve come across that term before and its usually flexible.

    Might suit Frances more if she was on the lookout.

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