In which FT Alphaville amazes us all!



The teams which answered more questions correctly were both given more points and also were higher up in the results!

It’s all, and I say this candidly, neoliberal sophistry.

1 thought on “In which FT Alphaville amazes us all!”

  1. As fully fledged neo-liberal from about 2006, who likes to take from the world, without giving anything back, here are my tips for those who don’t know:

    If you Google a FT headline and click on the link from Google, you can view the article for free. You need to delete your cookies every 5 or so free articles, so it might be easier to Google from incognito mode in Chrome.

    Also, on the Economist, right click and open all links in Incognito Mode (in Chrome) and you can browse all articles for free.

    You can do this on the Telegraph too, but nobody should read the Telegraph.

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