Internet snooping powers

Because without them the terrorists will win:

Data would be held for 12 months and access granted to the police, the National Crime Agency, the intelligence agencies and HM Revenue and Customs.

WTF’s HMRC doing in there?

7 thoughts on “Internet snooping powers”

  1. Wicked smugglers and tax evaders dear boy…

    Actually, the existing model has far more than that. Police, NCA, intelligence and HMRC is the edited list of those govt likes to emphasise. Post Office all Whitehall and a panoply of quangos have same self-authorised access as police, with same nil external oversight of substance. (The Surveillance Commissioner’s brief is to check on procedure.)

  2. What guy herbert said – HMRC wants to see people with a pattern of spending umpteen times their declared income to alert the police that they are serious criminals (drug smugglers, bank/safe deposit robbers). HMRC aren’t allowed to tell the police someone’s declared income so HMRC has to get the data.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If I lived in the UK I’d be looking at a VPN as a matter of course (one hosted somewhere sunny with lots of bandwidth and a disdainful attitude towards snooping technorozzers). It might not make it absolutely impossible to find out what I’d been looking at, but it would make it bloody hard.

  4. To riff off of BiCR’s comment, when I saw the headline, i didn’t bother about reading the article. I make a point of ensuring any “sensitive” browsing I do is through a VPN. So why should I care?
    But it does occur. I understand it would still be possible to link me to visits to websites. But it’d be a heroic task. The VPN’s paid for out of a totally “clean” funding source. There’s no point using a VPN, then telling the world “Look at me! I’ve something to hide.” I don’t even log into that through an identifiable IP address. My virus paranoia ensures risky browsing’s only done on the machine I keep for that sort of browsing. (I’d recommend that to anyone. Any cheap laptop’s suitable for internet browsing. The machine, does the serious stuff, only handles my business e-mail, card transactions, etc. And they never interface.)
    The sort of snooping being talked about, relies on people not being like me. The more rights to snoop they give out, the more they’ll push people towards my camp. Which is where the dangerous guys they’re looking for have set up their tents, anyway, I imagine? None of this is exactly hard to understand or do.

  5. “Terrorism” is the 21st century’s Government™ trump card. They can violate anyone’s rights, as long as they declare “terrorism.”

    People accept it, so they get away with it.

    At this Time of Man, the cure is worse than the disease. The use of terrorism has seriously degraded Western Civilization.

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