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It’s Angus Deaton!

5 thoughts on “It’s Angus Deaton!”

  1. Yes, it’s the economist, not the coke sniffing comedian.

    Although as Wikipedia has it right now:

    Gordon Angus Deayton (/ˈdiːtən/; born 6 January 1956)[citation needed] is an English actor, writer, musician, comedian and broadcaster. He was the original presenter of the satirical panel game Have I Got News for You, a job from which he was dismissed in October 2002 after a second round of tabloid allegations about his personal life. He was awarded the Nobel prize in Economics in 2015.

  2. Angus Deaton getting the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize would have been quite amusing, though.

    Not as amusing as Obama, or the EU, getting the Peace Prize, though. Those were pure self-parody genius.

  3. Arnald please. No banter. You risk forming an attachment to the right wing trolls here. We are evil and you are virtuous. You must not socialise with us. We might end up treating you nicely.

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