Laugh of the day

Putin hasn’t ruled out running in the 2018 vote.

14 thoughts on “Laugh of the day”

  1. I wonder how far he will go for the publicity shots..full frontal…or perhaps just full backal?

    After all, this IS Putin that we are talking about.

  2. DocBud

    Re the back stabbing commie, the climate change comment from Simple Simon directly below the video is interesting.

  3. It is indeed, PF.

    Another potential contender for laugh of the day:

    Samoa 23 Scotland 16 with Ryan Wilson in sin bin.

  4. Apparently a cracker of a game. Shame it wasn’t on telly here, I could only watch Wales getting ground into the turf.

  5. “ground into the turf”

    I saw it as two good sides and some bad decisions from Wales.

    Given how very good the Aus defence was, and how tight, “just take the bloody points”, no matter vs 14 or 13 (at least that’s what I was yelling at the screen)…

    If vs 13 you’ll be back down there quickly enough to take some more… There’s also that factor that when the defence know you are going to push for a try they are a tad more relaxed about conceding penalties…

    Crap decisions from Wales. Now it’s the hard road, Boks and AB’s, yeah right!

  6. Oh, and not playing quick ball from your own scrum (and when you are struggling in the scrum) versus 13 with two extra outside..!? Unbelievable!

  7. Oh, I didn’t mean ground into the turf as a euphemism for being thrashed. I meant it literally – that Australian defence was just astonishing. I agree with your assessment, the Welsh played very well. I was gutted that they didn’t manage to squeeze a try out of it.

  8. sackcloth and ashes

    ‘I could only watch Wales getting ground into the turf’.

    And I got to watch England ignominiously fail to qualify for the quarter-finals, the first RWC host to do so in the tournament’s history.

    I know which one of us is happier 🙂

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