Lord Noon

After the July 7 bombs in London, he said that anyone “preaching sedition and treason” should be stripped of their British nationality and sent back to the country they came from. “These are monkeys who tie bombs to their chests and pull the strings. They are kids. They have been brainwashed,” he declared. “The Muslim community has a responsibility to make sure that those in the business of brainwashing people [are] brought to book. If people are not happy here then they are free to go anywhere in the world. They are not here at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth or the Prime Minister. They can f— off.”


6 thoughts on “Lord Noon”

  1. Not happy with the notion of stripping someone of a nationality you granted them. Should be locked up if they do wrong but your problem when they do.

  2. @hallowed be,

    I’m more relaxed about stripping people of citizenship we’ve just granted them, than citizenship granted by birth.

  3. The US Supreme Court has previously ruled that citizenship was a right the state couldn’t remove or use the removal of it as a threat.
    Seems sensible to me, it’s a power I wouldn’t trust the gov’t with, someone will at some point abuse it as a threat. Then there is the issue that was raised when the Canadian gov’t wanted to do this, that it creates 2 classes of citizens, and that historically isn’t a good idea.

  4. A genuine legend – Andrew M – I don’t think Gulam Noon would have paid any attention to the SJWS and Twitterati had they tried to howl him down! – he was from the ‘old school’ – sadly I think the likes of Charlotte Proudperson point the way to the UK’s future…..

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