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On the subject of the McDonald’s hamburger

So, mate had his daughter with him, she wanted a happy meal. Maccy D’s it is then. And then something rather surprised me. I had a hamburger which wasn’t actually bad.

Not great of course, but halfway at least good. One of their specials.

The secret seeming to be that they used different meat, different cheese, different sauce and different bread from their normal offerings. The pickles were probably the same.

We might, from that, be able to work out why Maccy D’s gets so little of my custom.

15 thoughts on “On the subject of the McDonald’s hamburger”

  1. Yeah. I used to do the McD sneer. Then I spent a while operating in France where the Golden Arches were a great wifi resource.
    And found M. Donald served some pretty good gear. And the service, yes the service, was pretty good too.
    And El Donaldo’s not bad either. Nor’s Romania & Hungary. Or Morocco.
    It’s the UK. Brits.
    The country that takes fast food, removes the fast & the food & gives you what’s left.

  2. Oh, and for the pits, London.
    Seem to be mainly staffed by Pakis.
    Except Queensway.
    Which, for some reason, seems to be a preserve of a particular breed of surly Russian.

  3. It was always the buns which I thought let things down for Mickey Ds.

    The thing about McDonalds is that kids always love them, for some inexplicable reason. My kids do. The good thing is that they are very cheap compared to, eg. Nandos or other chains.

    The sweet chili crispy chicken sandwich is all right.

  4. I absolutely love Big Macs. Don’t know why. I only get one or two a year as a little treat to myself.

    The Mrs was filled with McLoathing and “never for my children” until a few months ago. New countries / foods / small, upset stomachs and projectile vomiting persuaded her that known / consistent might be a better short term option. And she has mellowed slightly since; they’ve been allowed happy meals, but she still avoids. She likes the McRibs, though.

  5. I never understood the widespread snobbery around Dirty Mac’s. Sure, your gourmet burgers are going to be better but they’re double the price and for the money Dirty Mac’s burgers don’t taste bad. I always assumed it was standard anti-globalisation nonsense.

    @Tel – yep sweet chili crispy chicken sandwich it is

  6. I tried it when I was little and was disappointed both by the lack of a clown in the restaurant and the awful awful food. Just couldn’t stand their burgers.

    Decades later, my wife spent months in a hospital with a McDonald’s over the road, and it became the only convenient source of food for me going home at one in the morning with a new baby to look after. And I got hooked.

    I completely disagree with Tim on this one: I think the basic cheap McDonald’s cheeseburger is superb, but the more complicated and/or posh they try to get, the worse they get. From every other chain, the basic cheap burger is shite and the big complicated ones full of salad and whatnot are great, so of course I always went for the Big Mac, and that’s why I couldn’t stand McDonald’s: the Big Mac is rank. I occasionally try their limited-edition special things, and they’re often OK, but not as good as the cheap shitty cheeseburgers.

    Course, the cheeseburger is tiny. I generally eat two or three double cheeseburgers. That’s a sensible portion.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The great thing about Micky D’s is consistency. You could blindfold me, sit me down in one in San José, Stavanger or Singapore and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. So it might not be the greatest burger in the world, or even the greatest chain burger in the world (Carl’s Jr. is way better, and as for In’n’Out: yum!) but sometimes you don’t want a gastronomic adventure, you just want to neck something hot and salmonella-free.

  8. Burger King whoppers are the best fast food burgers I’ve come across. Mind you, I’m not the fussiest of eaters to be honest.

  9. BiCR,

    Yes. A lowest common denominator possibly, but a reliably edible and not going to give you food poisoning lcd.

    I also sneered. Less so once I seen them in the US rather than here but in Seould and Pusan, a God send.

    Mind you, to my former colleagues who thought that being on expense for lunch in Paris meant the huge McD off the Champs-Élysées – you’re still a bunch of effing Philistines.

  10. Service at McD is very good. Next time you go, try to stand back from yourself and watch the service.

    Its like the ghost of old man Kroc is standing behind every member of staff, whenever someone enters he taps staffer on shoulder and says ‘customer just walked in’.

    Sausage egg mcmuffin is what the word snackadicious was invented for, yum yum every time.

  11. Despite what Bloke says, McDonalds do vary their menu and style of preparation from country to country.

    I know a French and Hungarian burger are quite different.

  12. The burger menu is segmented into three sections. There is the budget section, the heart of which is the double cheeseburger, the regular section (Big Mac), and the premium section (often the Big Tasty, but there is lots of variation depending on where and when. There is always a premium beef burger and a premium chicken burger and they are always fairly similar but a bit of variation is here seen as a feature, I think. The premium burgers are often pretty decent burgers for the price, I think.

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