Once the Telegraph would have got this right

Marvin Bowen Coppage, 75, was struck by a bullet from a shotgun during a pheasant hunt while flushing birds out of some bushes.

No one, not even Americans, hunts pheasant with bullets in shotguns.

And this from the paper that published Peter Simple….

12 thoughts on “Once the Telegraph would have got this right”

  1. Pellet, not bullet. Not difficult to know what a shotgun does.
    “Fowling piece ” for Squire Haggard of course.

  2. ….it’s a “shoot”, not a “hunt”. Once upon a time the Telegraph might have been relied upon to get that right, too.

  3. Not entirely sure about that in the US. May or may not have been a driven shoot. Could really have been a hunt.

  4. Tim

    Michael Wharton,Colin Welch and Auberon Waugh are turning in their graves looking at the paper now…….

  5. Why keep banging on about it? The newspapers are in the same position as buggy-whip manufacturers a century or so ago. As Tom Lehrer said, when there’s nothing left to sell, sell-out. The Telegraph has already got a good ten years out of their name alone – their writers aren’t up to scratch, they’ve fired the subs, and they have no editorial integrity anymore.

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