For England, Australia’s victory over Wales yesterday also brought the hideous realisation that had Chris Robshaw not to kick for the corner in the dying seconds against Warren Gatland’s men, they would have qualified for the quarter-finals by vanquishing Uruguay.

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  1. Bloke in bethnal green

    Being a pendant, I believe England would still have needed three points to tie the scores at this point.

  2. I think I’d rather the team went all-in for a win, rather than play the odds to squeak a draw. Even if it does mean potentially exiting the tournament.

    Of course, that does mean not fucking up the catch and drive from the 5 yard line out.

  3. If they had landed the penalty, yes. That was far from certain given the field position.

    And, as Matthew L says, they frankly don’t deserve to be in the QFs given how badly they have played.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its a very big assumption that Farrell would have made the kick. Pressure aside, and he has a good temperament, it was from the right hand touchline and he’s right footed and that makes it a very difficult kick.

    I’d like to see the stats, but from that area I’d bet that he’s down in the 50% area, if not lower. And if he had missed the kick that was the end of the game.

    Going for touch gave England extra bites at the cherry and as a last resort they could have maneuvered for a drop goal. The flawed decision was the line out to the front. That was telegraphed because England’s line out had been so poor.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Australia’s defence against Wales was pretty damn good. It is a comment on the difference between the northern and southern games that Australia could be two men down and still Wales couldn’t get it over the line. Well, they could, but they were held up.

    Really, I don’t think anyone could ask for a better defence than the Australians had. It was something to see. The terrible thing is that it probably won’t help them one bit because as England was to Australia so Australia will be to the All Blacks if they get that far.

  6. Of course they should have gone for the penalty.

    Even if Farrell (one of the game’s best kickers) had missed, we would have got the ball back for one more play.

  7. You have to smile at the majestic innocence of England Rugby not picking several of the best players, namely those who play their rugby abroad.
    An old article said that French-based players would only be picked given ‘exceptional circumstances’. I wonder if being exceptionally bad covers that.

  8. “Even if Farrell had missed, we would have got the ball back for one more play”: even that depends on which mode he had missed in.

  9. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Having thrown a 10 point lead and getting so royally stuffed by the Aussies, no they didn’t deserve it.

  10. Agree with those above who say it was a sporting gamble to go for the line-out but the terrible forward play by English scrum saw them pushed into touch.And the scrum gave away umpteen penalties throughout.

  11. The whole premise is nonsense. IF such a scenario was possible do we really think Wales would not have been far more focussed on losing by 7 or less rather than going for the try to win the game VS Australia?

    If that had been the case we’d still be one point shy.

    Of course the corollary is that we’d have been keen to lose by less than 7 to Aus rather than throwing it about so….?

    All such speculation is therefore bunk, as sides would have approached the later games very differently than they did.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well, really, that’s why all counterfactual history is little more than an amusing diversion.

  13. @MC: suppose he’d hooked the ball such that Wales could catch it in the in-goal area and refrain from touching it down. They could then scramble it back over the try line, and carry and ruck away until no-side.

    Lots of different things might have happened.

    As skipper I’d have gone for the kick, but as DBCR says the real blunder was the poor play at the subsequent line-out.

  14. @dearieme: With you now. Yes certainly a possibility.

    @Matthew L: poor play with all the usual symptoms from Robshaw’s/Lancaster’s England – too many penalties, sluggish midfield in attack, heads down/panic for long periods of play when the opposition gets on the front foot etc etc…

    I’m boring and depressing myself now.

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