Questions in the Telegraph we can answer

New Zealand can negotiate vast trade deals like TPP. Why can’t Britain?

As they say, because we’re in the EU.

4 thoughts on “Questions in the Telegraph we can answer”

  1. “Trade deals” are garbage. Humans have been trading with each other since the dawn of time. This TPP is more political scum cutting themselves in on trade–ie “You trade only with our permission” shite that will make trade more difficult. Everybody involved in it needs to be hanged.

    “Fuck off and take your “deal” with you” is the only TPP negotiation required.

  2. The reason the EU has not already signed up to the equivalent trans-atlantic deal is due to lefty-cockwaffling about courts. Usually the left much prefer courts over parliaments…

    ¡Something something people before [American] corporations!

  3. Bit of an odd claim. We’re currently negotiating the other half of this thing, the TTIP.

    This is actually an example of how the EU should work, the power balance needed to make it work: the UK and Germany are on the same side, in opposition to the Latin bloc, and are able to actually get stuff done in a sane(ish) sort of way.

    As far as I can see, whenever the French get support from anyone, the whole of Europe goes down the shitter. We really need to keep that lesson in mind.

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