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Slightly embarrassing

I’ve been seeing a slew of pieces by Anne Marie Slaughter around the place and been wondering why people are taking her views on such subjects seriously.

It’s only just dawned that this is not the same person as Ana Marie Cox.

I’m going to be really pissed if the senility sets in before I’ve really enjoyed that mid-life crisis.

21 thoughts on “Slightly embarrassing”

  1. “Trebles all round!”

    From experience leftists are the last to put their hands in their pockets when it is time to buy a round.

    And of course they never have to worry about reduced brain function cos they are already there.

  2. Andrew K:

    Tim already rides a bike – it’s just human powered. Don’t know if he goes in for the full kit to make him a MAMIL.

  3. No, not a MAMIL.

    50 km is about my limit, 30 km more usual. Padded shorts, yes, but just t-shirt, floppy hat against the Sun and a bottle of water is all the kit needed.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Steve – “I always get Natalie Bennett mixed up with the other one.”

    You mean the one who ran off with George Wickham?

    Just wait until TW realises Anne Marie Slaughter didn’t write Up Where We Belong.

  5. SMFS – +1 for classing the place up with a Jane Austen reference.

    Nah, I meant Caroline Lucas. I know they don’t really look or sound the same, but in my mind Bennett-Lucas have merged into the one amorphous blob of Mum-haired, middle aged, finger-wagging, tiresome leftist eco-dribble.

    They’re not exactly the same, but they’re close enough substitutes that they might as well be. Like Andrex and Cushelle. Or any X-Factor finalist ever.

  6. Is it me, or does Natalie Bennett permanently have the facial expression of someone who is having their haemorrhoids examined?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew K – “Is it me, or does Natalie Bennett permanently have the facial expression of someone who is having their haemorrhoids examined?”

    My theory is that Green politics is caused by insufficient bowel movements linked to improper toilet training in childhood. Basically they are permanently constipated and so have to pursue a diet high in forage and otherwise apply the stuff that makes toilet paper internally. That in turn leads them to hate people who have a more relaxed and sensible attitude to their bowel movements. Thus Natalie Bennett et al.

    A good dose of castor oil all around would do wonders.

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