So Bruce Jenner’s still a man then

‘Coz of that junk stuff hanging around. And there’s no systematic oppression of women in the tech industry, homophobia is an ancient relic, not a feature of Britain today in any meaningful manner, dcompared to any other society at virtually any other time there’s no racism here, the poor are as rich as Croesus compared to any historical or even current global standard and neoliberal globalisation has just led to the largest reduction of absolute poverty in the entire history of our species.

You on the barricades with me then Owen? Defending my rights, those rights my and your ancestors fought for? The right to say anything I damn well want to, along with the necessity of taking the consequences of having done so?


The treatment of Lisa McKenzie is so absurd it is tempting to turn it into one big joke. It isn’t. It’s about the basic democratic freedoms that our ancestors were compelled to fight for being fatally undermined. It is sinister, and to fail to speak out about it – whatever your personal beliefs – is a betrayal.

9 thoughts on “So Bruce Jenner’s still a man then”

  1. Of course he isn’t. Socialists only believe in the right (left?) sort of freedom of speech. We only have freedom of speech if we allow people to say things we disagree with. People like Mr Jones appear to neither believe nor even understand that.

  2. “the fact she was arrested in the first place – let alone ended up in a court – should frighten you, whatever your political persuasions.”

    Unfortunately Owen, you are a cynical liar. You are perfectly happy with “Orwellian prosecutions” when it is people you don’t like. A cynical appeal for ‘unity’ just because it’s one of your own isn’t going to wash.

  3. “The police are supposed to facilitate peaceful protest”

    But was this? What “peaceful protesting” did she do? I’d love to know the reality of this, whether it was a bunch of people holding up a banner, and one rogue person who walked away from the group and put a sticker on a door, or whether the sole purpose was stickering doors and they went out as a group to stop the stickerer from getting the shit kicked out of him.

    And of course “poor doors” exist. Because milquetoast lefties won’t get serious about one-man crime waves that live on council estates.

  4. Funny, I must have missed Owen’s column protesting about the Met’s heavy-handed treatment of the anti-China & Free Tibet protests in the week…

  5. More interesting question would be. What is the actual point of protests these days? Who does it? Why do they do it? What do they hope to achieve by protesting? And what gets selected as worth protecting about?

    I don’t think I’ve had s conversation with our friends in the left about that in many a year.

    I can understand a march to support a campaign to keep something like a local hospital open etc as the protest is often directly connected with lobbying the council/officials but what is the point of protesting poor doors?

    No one can possibly think it will have any effect on them existing or not. So why do it?

  6. ” What is the actual point of protests these days?”

    They give undercover coppers a chance to sleep with a whining hippy.

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