So, that was fairly quick

Looks like loss of The Register freelance earnings has been made up already. Bit for Computer Weekly (first piece now accepted) and for Seeking Alpha. Took 8 days, which I think is pretty fast working myself.

19 thoughts on “So, that was fairly quick”

  1. Well done Tim. I still think you should approach the charitable trusts that fund Ritchie and suggest they send you some cash to balance things out though.

  2. Thinking about Seeking Alpha you might want to check out either ‘Market Oracle’ or ’24h Gold’ – both US based I think so remuneration might be along Townhall lines but always seem to need content…

  3. I was going to suggest trying Reason Magazine. They’ve got pretty decent politics & science coverage but are lacking on economics.

  4. Not hugely, no, but now I’ve worked out a bit what they’re interested in it’s easy enough. $50 or $100 a day for 30 mins or 60 mins of work.

  5. Congrats!

    This came up on a previous thread. I honestly think you should link to every piece you write from here. Surely that’s a large part of the point of having your own website.

  6. That someone else at the Register hasn’t picked you up again is totally beyond me. Last two articles well past 150 comments.

    Orlanski, what’s going on?!

  7. Nick James says:

    An easily understood, plain English, guide to PQE is a great idea so yes please.

    But, as you may well have in mind, I believe it would be a good idea to test it with members of the general public, ie those the guide would be seeking to influence, prior to unleashing it on the world.

    Quite how those people could be identified is somewhat beyond my experience or imagination, particularly at this time of day!

    Richard Murphy says:

    I do have a deeply annoying editor available for such testing….

    Tim, I hope you are charging him…:)

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