Telegraph does SEO again

This is going to be one of those slow but steady earners:

How much does it cost per year to charge my electric toothbrush?

An important subject for the nation’s leading broadsheet, no?

Ask an expert: Does it make a difference if I keep my electric toothbrush on standby or if I wait until the battery goes flat?

Sort of article it costs $5 to buy over the internet.

3 thoughts on “Telegraph does SEO again”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    A good rule of thumb in the UK at least is a watt costs roughly a quid per year (at 11.5p/kWh it’s bang on; at 15 it’s about £1.30). In other words, a kWh per year is about 114 mW. There, I’ve just written that article and all like it for you.

  2. SEO practices are a reaction to search engine ranking algorithms

    Search engines promulgate the cult of writing more dross because fresh content gets you ranked, hence we have endless ‘me too’ content of very low quality echoing bite size trash and journalism goes down the pan

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